Vistaprint Return Address Labels: 50% Off or 140 Free w/ Coupon

by kevin on April 24, 2013

sample address label designs from vistaprint

arrow Address Labels: $5 Off – 280 from $11. Promotion ends soon!
Click on “address labels” under “top products” in the lower left of page
Apply coupon
arrow Great Cheap Address Labels – Personal or business.
Compare the best affordable address labels online
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*Clicking the highlighted offer above (and then clicking on “address labels”) will get you a better price than going directly to the labels page. You’ll save an extra 25%, plus get free shipping on all $50+ orders.

*Want to see more? View all coupons for VistaPrint
Or, click here for Vistaprint Canada


sample vistaprint address labelsLooking for cheap address labels online? It’s definitely worth considering Vistaprint on a short list of online companies that print custom discount return address labels.

Should I get the free address labels, or use the 50% off coupon? Actually, unlike some of the other promotions on site, there is little difference between the coupons if you are buying more than 140 return address labels. Because you have to pay for shipping, it actually works out to a cheaper price-per-label to buy more labels at once.

Currently the pricing for the highlighted coupon is better than the free address labels if you plan to order more than 140, or if you don’t want to be limited in your design options. In fact, you can get 280 address labels for $2.99 + shipping!

Here are samples of the 24 available free address label designs:

sample free address labels

sample free address label

free address labels from vistaprint

To Free, or not to free? Personally, I go for the really simple designs on return address labels, so the free labels are fine with me. However, 140 labels isn’t enough for us, as we can go through almost that many just in the holiday season. The “premium” labels also include many more design options including a line of Nickelodeon characters.

Vistaprint address labels – coupons for 50% off or 140 free labels!


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