Checks In the Mail:

Checks In the Mail:

CITM is the leading discount printing company for business and personal checks online. Use an offer code or coupon below for a discount or free shipping:

checks in the mail offers

Where do I enter an offer code?

Using a coupon for is easy. Almost all promotions require that you enter a code to activate a specific discount, so be sure to copy down at least one code to use at checkout. (have a backup!) When you view your shopping cart, you’ll see a field like this at the bottom of the screen:

enter checks in the mail coupon code

Just type your code code in the box that says, “offer code,” and click apply to see the new discounted price. I suggest you try more than one code, as it’s very easy to compare them based on your order totals.

Some coupons only apply only to personal checks, while others apply to your entire order, (including custom printed labels) or are for business checks only. Also keep in mind that some offers are restricted to new customers only.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do, but only with certain offer codes, and mostly just for new customers. Apparently they would rather have you pay for delivery, as their “free” shipping speed is quoted as taking up to 19 days! (what?!) I’ve ordered more than once using the cheapest delivery method possible, and it usually has arrived in just about a week. Who knows; maybe they’re just trying to scare you into paying for shipping!

Checks In The Mail - Discount bank chacks

Choose from over 250 designs of both personal and business checks, and see why over 12 million people have ordered their bank checks at

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