5 Photo Crafts That Add a Personal Touch to Party Decor

Looking to make your party extra special with some personal touches?

Photo crafts are an excellent way to share some cherished memories with your loved ones. They’re perfect for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, and other festivities.

You’re sure to liven up the party with some wonderful memories to share. Better yet, each photo is sure to have a story to tell to all in attendance. Include some of each of your guests to really make them feel a part of the event.

Let’s check out some of our favorite ideas for your next celebration.

1. Luminaire Settings

These displays provide quite the elegant mood setting without much effort.

To start, you’re going to want to pick up at least three, identical photo frames. Add more frames to create complex geometric shapes like cubes and hexagons, but we’ll begin with a simple triangle.

Next, print off your favorite photographs on vellum, a translucent paper that allows some light to shine through. You can apply a monochromatic filter to the pictures so that the light gives off a specific glow, like blue or purple.

Now, place each photo in the individual frames, and then glue or tape the three frames together so that they stand upright by themselves, in a triangle.

Lastly, set an electric or wax candle in the center of each display for the final effect. Easy!

2. Puzzle Box

This is a fun one for the youngsters. And, it’s so simple!

Gather some bare, wooden blocks of equal sizes. How many depends on how complex you want the puzzle to be, but it’s best to stick to nine or sixteen blocks for party enjoyment.

Now, you can either cover one side of the blocks or every side of them. Up to you! You’ll either need one photograph or six pictures.

Using an Exacto knife, cut the picture into square pieces so it covers the whole side of the block. Then, glue it down.

Leave the blocks out and someone is sure to complete the picture!

3. Blanket Display:

blanket photos
Photo Blanket from The Memories Place

This one doubles as a great decoration and gift!

If you’re a master knitter, incorporate cherished photographs into your next stitchwork creation. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to finish!

If not, there are great services like The Memories Place that can do all the legwork for you. Send them the photographs you’d like to incorporate into your blanket and they’ll deliver the rest!

4. Flower Holders

These are a simple yet elegant way to add memories to your party.

For this project, you’ll be repurposing some old PVC pipes. Cut the photographs to size so that they cover the PVC pipes completely, then glue them on.

Attach PVC pipe bottoms to the pipes, then use as a normal vase to arrange your favorite flowers!

5. Letter Collages

This one is nice and easy for the crafters out there.

Get out your scissors and glue. Make or purchase some large, cardboard letters to hang up to spell out a name or phrase for the celebration.

Cut out a bunch of photographs to size and collage away, covering the letters completely. Go with black and white photos for a more unified look.

All set! – Use These Photo Crafts for Your Next Party

These photo crafts are easy, fun, and wallet-friendly. Your guests will definitely be hitting you up next time they’re looking to host a party!

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