7 Invitations for a Milestone Birthday Bash

Another year, another birthday – hooray! If it’s a milestone birthday, you want to make sure it’s truly special. (More special than the stock photo I chose for this post!) 

The thing is, the social scene is getting crowded and expensive. People attend an average of four milestone events – like baby showers or weddings – a year.

You want to make sure your party stands out from the crowd at a budget everyone can agree to. So how can you make an invite that’s going to wow?

Keep reading for seven ideas for a big birthday event like no other!

1) Baby’s First Birthday:

tiny prints first birthday invitations

This is the first one – and a big one! Baby is turning one year old and you want to celebrate.

A one year old’s birthday party is mainly for adults. It’s not like any of us remember our first birthday?

Keep that in mind when designing the invites. You still want it to have whimsical, childish touches, but play to your audience.

Make sure to point out what’s an ideal gift to bring along, what time it starts and ends, of course, and if there are any adult perks, like mommy mimosas.

Down the road, your kid will have his favorite cartoon or superhero that will dominate their birthday parties. For now, you’re in control of the design.

Go with universal themes, like the zoo, the circus, or jungle life. Animals and nature are always a good call, especially with soft, sweet drawings.

This is the first milestone birthday in the batch – but there are plenty more to come!

2) Sweet 16

Your sweet baby girl and handsome little boy are all grown up now! Soon they’ll be an adult but luckily, they’ve still got one foot in childhood dreams.

When designing an invite for this milestone birthday, there are several things you can take into account.

Do they still have a favorite TV show or superhero? Instead of hiring some guy to show up dressed as Spiderman, try toning it down for a themed invite.

You don’t have to paste characters’ faces all over everything like you did when they were six. Try using a catchphrase – and make sure your teen helps you pick it out so you know it’s cool.

Does your teen have a certain passion – a sport or an academic achievement? Featuring it on the milestone birthday invite shows how far they’ve come and everything they stand to achieve.

3) 21 and Ready For Fun

A 21st birthday party is a big deal. There’s one big reason to celebrate your 21st – it’s your first time being able to drink!

When creating this milestone birthday invite, feature your favorite drink on the front. Something iconic – like a martini glass – looks elegant and catches the eye.

As an adult about to imbibe for the first time, remember to emphasize safety. Designate a friend that will stay sober or detail a place where you and your friends can stay for the evening instead of going out.

4) Down and Dirty 30

As you get older, birthdays tend to fall by the wayside. It becomes a blur of meeting a few friends for dinner or just getting a phone call.

At this point in your life, you might be focusing on landing the management position at an office copier sales company or taking care of a few kids.

Wherever 30 finds you, it’s the first big adult milestone birthday, so make it special!

If you reserve a few tables at your favorite upscale restaurant, for example, make references to the type of food. A glass of wine or a plate of pasta is very appealing.

Why not splurge on a destination birthday? Craft an invite using imagery from your dream vacation.

5) Flirty Forty

You’ve finally made it – the big 4-0. This is one of the biggest milestone birthdays for us because we’ve reached middle age.

Although our life has gone a way down the path, there’s still tons more adventure to be had.

In your invite, reference the journey you’ve been on and the exciting times still ahead. Uplifting quotes work well for this type of invitation.

6) Nifty Fifty

50th anniversary gift

The fiftieth year of marriage is known as the “golden anniversary“. You don’t need to be married to steal this idea though!

Gold is a great and eye-catching color to use in your 50th birthday invites. It’s regal, elegant, and classic, just like you.

To really make it pop, a black background with just a few gold highlights does the trick. White and gold go together quite well, too.

Want to make it a little bit more unique? Try a bit of green or purple with the gold. Red makes a bold statement when paired with gilded lettering.

Whatever you choose, don’t overdo it. A little bit of gold goes a long way.

Celebrate in style for your 50th – go for the gold!

7) A Major Milestone Birthday – 90

While we’re all living longer as a whole, not everyone gets to see 90. It’s estimated 5% of the population lives to see this major milestone birthday.

Hitting one’s 90th is an incredible accomplishment. Focus on the life journey and all that they’ve done with their many years on earth.

For fun, consider adding a few pictures of when they were a little kid. Maybe include a few statistics from the year they were born, like who was president or what the price for a gallon of gas was.

Once you’ve hit 90, and even 100, it’s all about reflecting on good times in the past and celebrating good times in the present with your loved ones.

Show how you feel and speak from the heart when you craft these invites.

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Get Crafty and Celebrate!

There’s no reason to worry about any big birthdays that are coming your way. You’ve got the best guide to creating winning invites for every milestone birthday on the calendar!

Now you’re ready to move on to birthday invites for your husband, wife, cousin – even your dog!

Were there any ideas you thought should be on the list? We want to hear about them!

Share your inspiration with us in the comments and have fun creating and printing beautiful invitations!

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