• Baby Shower Ideas & Invitations for Twins & Multiples

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    Baby Shower Invitations for Twins: If you’re about to welcome two or more lovely little babies into the world, it’s certainly a time to celebrate. Sharing this time with those nearest and dearest to you is an excellent way to get ready for your brand new family. Of course, having a baby shower is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways in which you can share your oh-so-exciting news with the world. Once you’ve chosen a date and location, there’s just one thing that you must never forget; the invitations.

    Here are some ideas for baby shower invitations for twins:

    due with two twins baby shower tiny prints

    Baby Shower Invitations for Twins – Tiny Prints
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    twins baby shower tiny prints

    Baby Shower Invitations for Twins – Tiny Prints
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    Baby Shower Invitations (hammock design) for Twins – Tiny Prints
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    When it comes to choosing a design for your twin or multiples baby shower invitations, there’s just so much that you have to consider. You want to make these cards as special as your new arrivals. They should be interesting and also make it clear to the guests that you’re having not one, but two (or more!) babies very soon. It’s exciting news, and the way you break it should be just that as well. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

    Invitation design ideas & Imagery for twin pregnancies

    When you find out that you’re having twins or multiple babies, it can be something of a shock. Still, there are many fabulous images that portray this idea without simply using a picture of two or three babies. For example, you could have a pack of ducklings, some eggs, or even peas in a pod. The general idea that you’re trying to convey here is that your family is welcoming a new branch. Not just a new child, but a new group with an inseparable bond. There are some really stunning illustrations out there for these types of baby showers, and so it’s worth taking the time to figure out what works for you.

    owls twin baby shower invitations mixbook

    Baby shower invitations with an Owl design – mixbook.com
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    Messages to consider in baby shower invitations for twins

    You may not have already told people that you’re having a multiple pregnancy. Hence, the invitation is the perfect time to break the news. Some people prefer to do so in the form of a riddle; you could have a little rhyme that reveals all on the front of the card. Others tend to go for more explicit messages, such as “Due with two,” “double the love,” or ‘Two is better than one’. Before choosing your message, you should consider the tone that you want to go with. If you’re hoping for something elegant, a rhyme will work well. On the flip side, if you want something a little cheeky, one of the explicit messages may be ideal for you.

    twins baby shower strollers shutterfly

    Twins: baby shower invitations w/ strollers from Shutterfly
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    Typography 101

    Again, when it comes to choosing the typography for your multiple pregnancy baby shower invitations, you need to keep things simple. Sans serif fonts tend to look more masculine and informal. If that’s the tone you’re hoping to go for, you may find that a bold typeface, such as Impact, works well for you. Typically, serif fonts tend to look more feminine in style, and also more elegant. So, if you’re inviting people to a high-end soiree to celebrate your new family, this will certainly be the way forward.

    Color themes and styles

    Finally, the last thing that you want to consider is the colour theme and style of your baby shower invitation. Often, people let the gender of the baby dictate what color the invites are printed in. However, since you’re having more than one child, it may be worth going for something more neutral. You could, for example, opt for orange or green, both of which are fairly genderless colours. Doing so will give nothing away about the birth of your babies and also look stylish. Bonus!

    Also, don’t forget to have a few baby shower games ready to keep the party moving.

    Remember, when it comes to choosing the best baby shower invitations, it’s well worth looking around. There’s a vast array of styles out there, so make sure that you take the time to find the one that suits you! You won’t regret it.

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  • Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas + 12 Free Game Templates & Game Cards

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    Game card ideas & templates for a baby shower: If you’re throwing a baby shower, you’ll want to consider baby shower game ideas and fun activities to keep your party lively and fun. A number of these games are free and printable, while others are professionally printed and can be personalized. You might have already thought about ordering baby shower invitations, so why not order matching game cards at the same time? Here are some ideas for cards that your guest can use during fun shower games:

    Baby Shower Guest Cards Idea #1: “Baby Wishes”

    free printable shower game baby animals

    Click for free printable baby shower card

    Cards from tinyprints.com – (get 20% off coupon

    more free printable baby shower bingo games: baby shower bingo pinterest

    Game Idea #8: “Baby Shower Name Game”

    Game ideas & description: Hand out game cards to guests. Give the guests two minutes to come up with clever names based on each letter of the alphabet. Make sure you have a timer!

    How to play game: Hand out the sheet with the letters of the alphabet. Once you set the timer guests will start filling out as many names as they can think of. Once the timer ends, you gather and whoever has the most filled out should read out their favorite names to the mother-to-be. Find game cards

    Baby Shower Name Game Card Idea:

    baby shower game idea name gameMatching invitations available with game cards

    Baby Shower Game Idea #9: “Guess the Gender”

    Baby Shower Game Idea #10: “Blindfolded Diaper Race”

    baby shower_diaper gameDescription: Split the group into even teams and give each a baby doll with a diaper on. In addition, each player receives their own diaper and a blindfold. With blindfolds on, each person must change the baby’s diaper and pass it along to the next teammate. The team who reaches the end first wins.

    How to Play: Split a group of 20 into five teams and hand them each a diaper and a blindfold. Each team starts with their baby doll clothed and must undress, change the diaper and pass to the next teammate to repeat. The first team to reach the end of the line with a fully changed and dressed baby wins.

    Baby Shower Game Idea #11: “Truth or Old Wives’ Tale?”

    Game description: Write out a list of common pregnancy myths. Have party guests try and remember if the myth relates to having a boy or a girl. Whoever answers the most correctly wins.

    Free printable baby shower game template:

    old wives tales baby shower game

    Click for free printable game card

    How to Play: Here are some sample old wives tales for predicting the baby’s gender:

    • If you find yourself craving all things sweet, that’s a sign you’re having a girl
    • Cravings for salty foods means it might be a boy
    • The garlic test: If you’re able to eat a lot of garlic but not smell like it, apparently that means you’re carrying a girl
    • If mom is suffering from excessive nausea and morning sickness, it might mean you’re having a girl
    • If you have a “pregnancy glow,” (bright complexion and hair) you could be having a boy. (Apparently baby girls steal mom’s good looks!)

    More Free Printable Baby Shower Game Templates & Cards

    If you are more of a DIY person but don’t want your baby shower games to look like you just printed them out at home, there’s another option to consider. If you have PhotoShop or Illustrator, you can even print postcards or business cards with your own version of these baby shower games yourself. Consider getting a deal at Vistaprint, and they can be printed and shipped for under $20.

    Also, there are a ton of of free printable games for baby showers out there. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, now might be a good to to sign up for free! Check out their free printable shower games here!

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  • Save the Date Invitations: 12 Wording Samples + 5 Etiquette Tips

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    wedding save date sample designYou’re finally engaged, the both of you have set a date and maybe even booked a venue! What’s next? Definitely time to think about designing save the dates!

    A save the date card is a perfect way to announce your wedding date and location to your guests before all the other specifics are known.

    Save the date cards are particularly great if you plan to invite guests from out of town, or even overseas. This will give them lots of time to plan their travels before your big day is near.

    Since save the date cards are less formal than wedding invitations, you can be creative in terms of your word choice, and let your personality as a couple shine through. If you prefer, you can opt for funny wording or just keep it formal. For most couples, knowing what to include in their save the date card is tedious.

    Here are some tips on what to include, who to invite, and when to send save the date cards.

    What Information to Include in Your Save the Date Cards: Keep It Simple!

    Your save the date cards should match the wedding invitations as well as your overall theme of the wedding. Since these cards are not your typical wedding invitation cards, you only need to include:

    • Names -Be sure to include your first names. You may also add in both your middle and last names to be less casual.
    • Date of the wedding-The main reason you are sending a save the date card is to announce your wedding date. Your guests will be better informed on what day to reserve for your special day.
    • Location – Your card should include just the town or city that you intend to host your wedding. This is just a heads-up, so no need for specific location details or addresses!
    • Wedding website (optional) If you have a wedding website, you can include this as a URL in your save the date cards to invite your guests to check it out. This is a good option as it allows you to keep people up to date through the whole wedding process, as well as providing a way to communicate details like directions or an RSVP option. You also can choose to add a website address later with your actual wedding invitations.
    • “Formal Invitation to follow” – You can add a small section at the bottom that indicates more details to follow or simply invitation to follow.

    When Should You Send Save the Date Cards?

    There are no strict rules that apply to how long before your wedding to send out save the dates. Nonetheless, it is important to look at the circumstances surrounding your wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, sending the cards 9-12 months in advance would be ideal. In most cases, save the date cards are sent 5 months prior to the event.

    hashtag save dates design

    Save the Dates Wording Etiquette

    shutterfly save date 2 photosWho you address the cards or postcards to is important. Be clear on exactly who’s invited by how you address the cards.

    Example: If children are invited, address the save the dates to “The Irving Family.” If not, address them to , “Elizabeth & Kyrie Irving.”

    Be careful you aren’t unclear or overly wordy, as save the dates should be brief.

    The type of wording you choose should befit the style of the wedding. For a formal wedding, you need to use a formal save the date card with classic font. This sets the tone of the event.

    For a casual wedding and relaxed save the date card, you can opt for bold colors, funny wording and a creative design. A handwritten font would be an option for the text on a casual wedding. Also, a little humor goes a long way. Don’t risk overdoing it, being wacky, or having some guests miss the joke.

    Just like on wedding invitations themselves, it’s a mistake to include details about a gift registry information, attire, venue, RSVP, or food in save the dates. Save that information for when you send out the actual wedding invitations, and when you do, refer to our top 3 wedding invitation mistakes to avoid!

    Save the Date Etiquette: Is it OK to Send an Electronic Invitation

    As far as etiquette goes, I think emailed save the dates are an etiquette mistake. Face it, emails aren’t exciting. Digital or electronic save the dates are fine as long as it’s just a backup to your printed save the date. Emails come and go, and you can’t hold them in your hand. They are also prone to being deleted, lost, or buried under a thousand other emails.

    If you do send out an email save the date, I recommend using the same design and theme as your printed invitations for consistency. Otherwise, you’re confusing your message!

    Show people that your commitment to each other is real with something they can hold on to. Relatives will surely want to keep your wedding save the dates forever, and you might even want to frame one. You can’t do that with an email!

    Samples of Save the Date Wording

    How you word your save the date is important! Sometimes it helps to look at a few examples of how other people have worded their save the dates, so here are a few designs from Wedding Paper Divas with sample wording options:

    sample save date cards wording

    The Best is Yet to Come
    Save our date!
    Audrey & Jack
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    (*This ties in to their wedding song of the same name)

    sample save date postcards wording

    Save the Date
    Lucy and Tyler • April 7, 2018 • Austin, Texas

    sample save dates wording

    Becca & Will’s
    In San Diego, California

    sample save dates invite wording destination

    Jacklyn & Marcus
    are getting hitched!
    Aug 27, 2017 • Irvine, California
    Invitation to follow

    sample save date design with calendar

    Save the date
    for our wedding
    09.17.17 • Bronx, New York

    simple save date design mixbook

    We are excited to announce
    On Saturday 15th September, 2017
    Lyla and Kyle
    Are getting married!

    Please save the date
    We hope that you will be able to share in
    Our special day
    (Bride’s Parents Names)
    Formal invitation to follow

    Save the date!
    Allan bought the ring
    Faith said “Yes”
    There’s going to be a wedding
    We hope you will be our guest
    Thursday 15th April 2017

    Please save the date
    It’s been a long wait
    We wanted to be sure
    And it’s been worth the wait

    Sunday 16th August 2017
    Gaylord, Michigan
    Invitation and details to follow
    Ian and Sandra

    Sam and Samantha
    Are tying the knot!
    Wednesday 12th October 2016
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Invitation to follow

    (destination save the date)
    Save the date
    Saturday, 4th July
    For the wedding of
    Annie and Aaron James

    We look forward to sharing this
    Awesome day with you!
    Special rates have been arranged at the Grand Hyatt
    Please mention the James Wedding
    Best rates when making reservations
    Invitation to follow


    Save the Date Cards: Set the Tone for Your Wedding

    Save the date cards are an awesome way to inform your guests of your wedding date and general location prior to sending out the actual wedding invitations.

    The ultimate goal is to get friends and family excited about your big day and pencil you in on their calendars. In fact, many simple or minimalist save the dates have few words except the couple’s name, date, and location. Try to keep it short and sweet!

    Save the date cards, postcards, or magnets should set the tone for your wedding, so choose a design that’s an extension of you as a couple!

    Our favorite designs are from Wedding Paper Divas, but you can also find custom-printed professional-quality save the dates at other stores like Shutterfly, Mixbook, and Snapfish.

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  • Wedding Invitation Wording: 3 Mistakes NOT to Include on Your Invites

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    Wedding invitation wording mistakes: What not to include! If you are designing your wedding invitations, you’re probably working hard on getting just the right wording. There are a few things that are not appropriate to include on printed invites, outlined in this short video from Wedding Paper Divas. (get coupons!)

    Mistake #1: Avoid Gift Registry Information on Wedding Invitations

    wedding gift registry wordingThis is definitely not good save the date etiquette! Your printed invitations should be all about the celebration, not about the gifts! Putting gift registry information on your wedding invitations makes you look too eager to receive gifts, and takes the focus off the exciting event.

    Instead, include registry information on your wedding website, with your bridal shower invitations, or even word of mouth through your family when people inquire.

    Mistake #2: Leave the Kids at Home? Don’t Mention “Adults Only” on the Invites

    crying kidI would have loved to include a message saying, “leave your crying baby at home,” on my wedding invitations, but I knew we had to finesse that a bit.

    Don’t include any wording about leaving the kids at home, as it might sound rude. Your wedding invitations should be exciting and welcoming, not exclusive.

    If you do prefer an adults only event, just be very specific when addressing the invitations only to those invited. If kids are NOT included, just address it to the adults. If they are welcome, you can address it to the whole family.

    Mistake #3: Leave Food and Beverages off Wedding Invitations

    dry wedding invitation wordingLeave the entree selections to the response cards! If you are having a “dry” reception without alcohol, don’t mention it on the invites. It’s just not appropriate, and will distract from your exciting wedding! Your guests can figure out the alcohol situation when they arrive.

    Feeling limited by what you shouldn’t include on your wedding invitations?

    That’s ok! The good thing is that there is plenty of room for details or extra information on your wedding website (get a free wedding website here) or enclosure cards.

    How To Best Word Your Wedding Invitations

    OK, so now you know a few mistakes to leave off your invitations, but how exactly should you word them? That can depend on a few important factors like how casual or formal your wedding is, and who is hosting the wedding.

    Here’s a simple tool at weddingpaperdivas.com to help you with wording:

    How to word your wedding invitations

    wedding paper divas invitation coupon

    Choose an Invitation Design Before Finalizing Your Wording

    Before finalizing any wording, it’s best to pick out a design for your wedding invitations to make sure it works and fits in the space allotted. There are dozens of gorgeous options for custom printed wedding invites at wedding paper divas (our favorite place online) to consider, and new promo codes every day for up to 30% off and free shipping!

    Also see: wedding invitation wording ideas on pinterest

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