Stylish Birth Announcements for a Baby Boy: Tiny Prints

logo tiny printsBaby boy birth announcements from Tiny Prints – These are probably the most stylish baby announcements online that you could send out for your baby boy. Why send out plain old birth announcements? (unless you have a “plain old” baby!)

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baby boy birth announcements

Stylish discount birth announcements for baby boys

(Well, obviously Tiny Prints has birth announcements for all babies, but on this page we’re just highlighting some of the best announcements for baby boys) In any event, they have gorgeous designs, and allow you to easily search by category, quickly eliminating color schemes that aren’t masculine, or appropriate for baby boys. These announcements feature one or more photos along with the personalized details of your little man’s birth.

They also can help you narrow down their extensive selection of announcements by criteria such as whether you want one photo, or multiple pictures (up to 6+ photos) featured. They also have unique tri-fold birth announcements, and you can even get birth announcement magnets. Online you can view specific design styles like: contemporary, classic, vintage, portrait, or whimsy. Most designs offer optional rounded corners, and a number of these are custom shapes!

tri-fold baby announcement boy
tri-fold photo baby announcements

birth announcement baby boy vintageHonest, I’m not cheap! – I really messed up when our baby boy was born, so maybe creating this page to help others is cathartic for me. Basically I got a kit that you could add your own photos to, and individually print out each announcement. As you can imagine, when looking to save money (I’ve been called “cheap” before, but prefer, “frugal”) I didn’t take into account just how long the do it yourself announcements took to print out and assemble. Although I saved about $30 on the cheap birth announcements, I more than lost all of that when you account for printer ink, and hours of manual labor.

Don’t tell my wife, but I didn’t get to the bottom third of our list, as I was ankle deep in dirty diapers and sleep-deprived. Actually, maybe that’s why I made the decision to go cheap and dirty on the birth announcements. Hmm… Maybe I should have blamed it on the baby all along! How can someone even think under those conditions? Well, consider looking into the birth announcements before the actual baby arrives.

Tiny Prints: best inexpensive custom photo birth announcements for baby boys

Well, actually, calling them “cheap,” isn’t accurate. Let’s call them, “affordable” when compared to your investment of time when doing them by hand, or by having a printing store or professional handle them. They are more expensive than your average online printing shop that also prints out a million free business cards an hour, but well worth it in my opinion.

More ideas:

  • Get matching thank you cards printed at the same time, so after your baby is showered with gifts, you’ll be prepared.
  • Why not use the same baby photo(s) for a sweet custom iPhone case?

baby boy birth announcement

birth announcements for boysview more baby announcements for boys

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