Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas + 12 Free Game Templates & Game Cards

Game card ideas & templates for a baby shower: If you’re throwing a baby shower, you’ll want to consider baby shower game ideas and fun activities to keep your party lively and fun. A number of these games are free and printable, while others are professionally printed and can be personalized. You might have already thought about ordering baby shower invitations, so why not order matching game cards at the same time? Here are some ideas for cards that your guest can use during fun shower games:

Baby Shower Guest Cards Idea #1: “Baby Wishes”

free printable shower game baby animals
Click for free printable baby shower card

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more free printable baby shower bingo games: baby shower bingo pinterest

Game Idea #8: “Baby Shower Name Game”

Game ideas & description: Hand out game cards to guests. Give the guests two minutes to come up with clever names based on each letter of the alphabet. Make sure you have a timer!

How to play game: Hand out the sheet with the letters of the alphabet. Once you set the timer guests will start filling out as many names as they can think of. Once the timer ends, you gather and whoever has the most filled out should read out their favorite names to the mother-to-be. Find game cards

Baby Shower Name Game Card Idea:

baby shower game idea name gameMatching invitations available with game cards

Baby Shower Game Idea #9: “Guess the Gender”

Baby Shower Game Idea #10: “Blindfolded Diaper Race”

baby shower_diaper gameDescription: Split the group into even teams and give each a baby doll with a diaper on. In addition, each player receives their own diaper and a blindfold. With blindfolds on, each person must change the baby’s diaper and pass it along to the next teammate. The team who reaches the end first wins.

How to Play: Split a group of 20 into five teams and hand them each a diaper and a blindfold. Each team starts with their baby doll clothed and must undress, change the diaper and pass to the next teammate to repeat. The first team to reach the end of the line with a fully changed and dressed baby wins.

Baby Shower Game Idea #11: “Truth or Old Wives’ Tale?”

Game description: Write out a list of common pregnancy myths. Have party guests try and remember if the myth relates to having a boy or a girl. Whoever answers the most correctly wins.

Free printable baby shower game template:

old wives tales baby shower game
Click for free printable game card

How to Play: Here are some sample old wives tales for predicting the baby’s gender:

  • If you find yourself craving all things sweet, that’s a sign you’re having a girl
  • Cravings for salty foods means it might be a boy
  • The garlic test: If you’re able to eat a lot of garlic but not smell like it, apparently that means you’re carrying a girl
  • If mom is suffering from excessive nausea and morning sickness, it might mean you’re having a girl
  • If you have a “pregnancy glow,” (bright complexion and hair) you could be having a boy. (Apparently baby girls steal mom’s good looks!)

More Free Printable Baby Shower Game Templates & Cards

If you are more of a DIY person but don’t want your baby shower games to look like you just printed them out at home, there’s another option to consider. If you have PhotoShop or Illustrator, you can even print postcards or business cards with your own version of these baby shower games yourself. Consider getting a deal at Vistaprint, and they can be printed and shipped for under $20.

Also, there are a ton of of free printable games for baby showers out there. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, now might be a good to to sign up for free! Check out their free printable shower games here!

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