Baby Shower Gender Reveal Invitation Ideas + Party Games: Boy or Girl?

Party and Invitation ideas for gender-reveal baby showers: What could be more exciting than getting your family and friends together to reveal the news of whether you’re expecting a baby boy or girl? Gender reveal baby showers are a fun party idea, and there are some great party ideas which you can compliment with custom invitations and baby shower game cards & templates. Here are some ideas and samples for inspiration:

Gender reveal Baby Shower invitation ideas

twinkle star baby shower reveal invites shutterfly
Little Star gender-reveal baby shower invitations from shutterfly

Of course, the main thing that you want to get across in your invitation is that this is a gender reveal party. Since that’s the central theme, there should be no mistaking what you’re getting at. There are a number gender revealing party invitations out there from store like TIny Prints, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Mixbook that will be just perfect for this.

boy or girl reveal invitations_shutterfly
Boy or Girl? shower invites from shutterfly

Usually, invites are pretty straightforward; they’re pink or blue and say boy or girl on them. Still, your particular ones should be neutral, at least, to some extent. Here are some styles you may want to consider:

Guess the Gender Shower Invitations

tiny prints gender reveal mustache bow baby shower

Mustache or pink bow?

These flat invitations are ideal if you want to add a little mystery to the event. You will want to choose imagery that is neutral and the gender reveal invite wording should be intriguing.

Your invitation may say something like, “The guessing game starts now! Boy or girl? Place your bets!” You could even add a little extra hints to help your guests along the way, for example, “Mom is craving cheese and chips, and carrying low. Boy or girl? It’s time to guess!”

‘Surprise! Choose Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations

what the duck baby shower reveal funny invitations

what will bee baby shower invitations tiny

What the Duck Is It? – What Will It Bee? Baby Shower gender reveal personalized invitations

With gender neutral shower invites, you don’t actually have to say that the so-called ‘surprise’ will be the baby’s gender revelation. Instead, you just need to invite people to the baby shower without giving away the baby’s gender.

gender neutral baby shower invitation idea

Maybe even go with a zoo or jungle theme instead of anything in blue or pink. That way, you won’t make the mistake of accidentally giving anything away on the invitations. Gender-neutral is a good idea if you want to keep the whole “boy or girl” theme a little more low key than making it the central theme of your whole party.

If you want to be funny, (and it’s a casual baby shower) consider something like these “What the Duck is it?” or “What Will it Bee?” gender neutral baby shower invitations above.

The “ballot box / voting” idea for your baby shower
girl or boy baby shower invitation ideas

team pink or blue gender reveal baby shower

Team Pink or Blue gender reveal theme baby shower – view these invites at

This is actually a fun interactive idea that gets party invited guest involved. Your baby shower invitations can actually double as voting cards. For this, you can consider two voting options:

  1. “Boy or Girl” Voting – Ask invited guests to bring their shower invites to the party as their ballots. Then, you can make a ballot box for them to cast their votes! Either include check boxes on the invitations, or just provide a sharpie for them to write their vote at the party
  2. Ballot Invitations – Create your baby shower invitations in the style of a ballot and ask people to ‘vote’ by checking a box and bringing it to the party. You can then collect up all the votes and see how people did before the big reveal.
boy or girl reveal baby shower mixbook
boy or girl shower invites from mixbook
boy or girl baby shower snapfish
boy or girl? baby shower invites from Snapfish – get coupons

Like a real election, you might be surprised how competitive your guest get as you watch them form a “team girl” and “team boy!”

gender reveal chalkboard baby shower invites

Fun idea: Then, get a chalkboard from your local arts & crafts store to tally the voting. You can get some pink and blue chalk at the same store for guests to cast their votes!

It’s worth remembering that you can get gender reveal invitations cheap, so there’s no need to overpay. Choose a design that works for you and just go with it, and then get creative to add homemade extras to your gender reveal theme. You won’t regret it and your friends will love how unique the whole thing is!

Game Ideas for a Gender-Reveal Baby Shower

fun baby shower guess boy girl ideas

How about ordering a bunch of blue and pink bow-ties or mustaches? Once your guests have all arrived, it’s time to entertain them. Remember, the theme is the key to all your fun here. You want to make sure that all of the action is clearly centered around that. With that in mind, here are two mystery games that you may wish to try:

Boy or Girl Game Idea: Give Clues!

detective treasure huntThroughout the party, you could give your guests clues about the gender of the baby. You can do this in a whole host of ways; you might want to make little note cards to give out or even hide clues around your home. Maybe every hour during the shower you make an announcement with a new clue, piquing your guests curiosity even more!

By the end of the party, you have to ask everyone what their guess is before your reveal all.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Game Idea: A Treasure Hunt

Much like the game above, this one will be centered around clues and guessing what the gender of the baby is. Instead of merely giving people clues, though, you should give clues that lead the guests to one another. For example, one clue may read “There’s no smoke without fire.

If you’re looking for the next clue, you need to get warmer.” (The guests would then need to look in the fireplace for the next clue.) This game could go on for hours. The point is that the final clue leads the guests to something that gives away the gender of your child.

gender reveal baby shower lets find out

“Let’s find out together!” Wasn’t that also the (less-popular) sequel to “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye?

The BIG Baby Gender reveal at the Party: Ideas

Obviously, the big reveal is the most important part of the event. You should make a big old song and dance out of things here. As we’ve already mentioned, you could play a game that ultimately leads to the revelation, but that’s not the only way to go. You may also want to reveal the gender in another way. For example, you could give everyone a little box and tell them just when to open it. Inside, you could have a pink or blue ribbon to reveal whether it’s a boy or girl. Remember, the more creative you are, the more fun it will be!

If you are looking to print amazing inexpensive baby shower invitations for your party or shower, check out our latest coupons for top custom printing sites like Tiny Prints (get coupons), Shutterfly (get coupons), Walgreens Photo (get coupons), Snapfish (get coupons), and Mixbook (get coupons)!

mixbook gender reveal blocks baby shower
baby gender reveal shower invitations from mixbook

Baby Boy or Girl? Gender Reveal Parties Are a Lot of Fun!

Deciding whether you want to know the gender of your child before the birth or leave it as a surprise is an important, and very personal decision. Many couples prefer to wait until the due date to find out whether they’ll be having a little girl or boy. However, finding out privately from your physician before the big day can be just as exciting. The second that you hear those all-important words is just so magical that you may well want to share them with the world.

Rather than calling your friends and loved ones one by one to let them know, there’s a fabulous new trend that you might just want to try for yourself. So, what is it? Well, it’s called a “gender reveal party” and it’s very much what it says on the tin.

This is a chance to gather your nearest and dearest around you and let them in on the biggest secret ever. This idea is a whole load of fun and means that you get to surprise the people around you in the most beautiful way ever!

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