Cheapest Personal Checks: 3 of the Best Printing Options Online

best cheap personal checks

guy writing checksWho has the best and cheapest personal checks online? If you need personal checks, (aka “bank checks”) there are a few really good discount options online.

First of all, congratulations for not getting them printed through your bank. For my particular bank, (TD Bank) a reorder of checks was going to cost me over $20 per book, which is nonsense!

To answer the question of who has the cheapest and best bank checks, let’s compare a couple of the top name printing services online with similar orders at each. In this case, single, classic blue security checks. (Note: “Duplicates,” checks with carbon copies, always cost a little more.)

They aren’t sexy, but they get the job done. (Besides, maybe you don’t want to pay your Federal taxes with a Betty Boop check)¬† I’m also using the best valid coupons available to significantly lower the price.

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vistaprint classic blue checks

  • 300 personal checks $19.00 $14.24 (with coupon)
  • Shipping cost: $4.95 (economy, 8 day)
  • Order total= $19.24
  • Cost per check = $ 0.065 (cheapest price!)

vistaprint logoNote: Vistaprint has about 70 personal check designs. They are often the cheapest, but offer mostly basic designs, (animals, classic, American flag, antique, etc.) and not licensed characters.

Add a monogram to these checks for about $0.75. Coupons for their checks change weekly, so if you aren’t in a hurry, try to get a discount of some kind, or even free shipping on larger orders.

Checks Unlimited
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checks unlimited blue classic checks

  • 250 personal checks: (2 boxes) $27.98 $15.00 (with coupon)
  • Shipping cost: FREE (Trackable, economy speed)
  • *The coupon I used added free labels, + $2 shipping
  • Order total= $17.00
  • Cost per check = $0.07

checks unlimited logoMore: In business for over 20 years, and with a selection of over 110 check designs, Checks Unlimited declares themselves, “#1 in checks direct.” They have a long-running coupon that not only drops the price of their checks, but adds free shipping and free matching labels to your order. They have a lot of classic character checks like Disney, Betty Boop, & Harley-Davidson, but I don’t see popular characters from new movies.

Checks In the Mail
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checks in the mail blue security checks

  • 250 personal checks: (2 boxes) $37.93 $10.00 (with coupon)
  • Shipping cost: (Trackable, 14 day speed) $7.95
  • Order total=$17.95
  • Cost per check = $0.072

checks in the mail logoMore: With over 200 check designs, Checks In the Mail has the best selection online. Not only do they print classic checks, but they’re on top of new popular characters like Disney’s Frozen, Marvel Comics, and Despicable Me. I ordered my own checks from them, and was very happy with the quality, and experience.

All of these printing services offer matching address labels, and accessories with your order of personal checks. You can also add anti-fraud security to any order, and in mot cases pay a fee for rush printing and delivery.

What are duplicate checks? Duplicates include a carbon copy of each check that you write for easier record-keeping, but cost about 25% more on average.

Business checks (computer, inkjet, laser, 3-on-a-page, side-tear) are also available, but usually have their own specific coupons that can’t be carried over from the personal checks.

Regardless of which printing service you choose, you’re going to need some basic information before they can print checks for you. Have your old checkbook handy, because here’s what you’ll need:

where is the routing number on checks

  • A. Check Number: What number did your last checkbook end on? You’ll want to start from the next number on these checks
  • B. Routing / Transit Number: 9-digit number of the bank where you have your checking account
  • C. Account Number: Usually a six digit number which may include blank spaces or hyphens.

personal and business checksNote: These, in my opinion are three of the best names for printing personalized bank checks online. They offer a good combination of quality printing, good customer service, and discount pricing. I didn’t include Walmart Checks because I personally try to steer away from Walmart when possible, even though they often have the lowest prices. (I like the idea of American companies that create decent jobs, but that’s a whole other story) I also assume that their customer service is second rate, but I could be wrong.

Everyone’s order is going to be different, but so this is a guide to the “best” price based on one best selling check design, not accounting for the many other variables that exist. (other quantities of checks, faster shipping speeds, etc) Anyway, I encourage you to try more than one coupon code, even if you settle on one of the printing services above. Promotions change all the time, but taking a minute to look for a coupon is always a good idea! Also check out the latest printing deal from other top printing services like Overnight Prints, Tiny Prints, and Print Place.

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