34 Best Engagement Party Invitations: Personalized & Inexpensive

engagement party diamond ringBeautiful Inexpensive Engagement Party Invitations – Throwing a party for a couple’s engagement is a great way to celebrate their love. It’s also likely the first time the engaged couple’s friends and family will all come together before the wedding. That’s one reason why invites for the engagement party should make a great impression.

Here are some of our favorite, professionally designed personalized engagement party invitations from the best printing services online:

Wedding Paper Divas: The Best Inexpensive Engagement Party Invitations

engagement party invitations champagne cork

I’m not alone in thinking that Wedding Paper Divas is the best place online to get personalized printing for your wedding. This includes gorgeous printed invites for the engagement party.

Their quality and stylish & professional designs are simply unrivaled. While their prices aren’t cheap, their professional-quality invites are surprisingly inexpensive when you use a coupon.

Here are some of the engagement party best designs from Wedding Paper Divas:

personalized_engagement party invitations photo

View all engagement party invitations at WeddingPaperDivas.com

Shutterfly: Nice Inexpensive Personalized Engagement Party Invitations

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Shutterfly has been the top name online for printing photos and photo gifts, but you should also consider them at the top of your list for custom invitations for any event. They have a nice selection of invitations for engagement parties including invitations with or without photos, and their prices are generally less expensive that Wedding Paper Divas.

They always have more than one coupon available, including seasonal free shipping with no minimum.

future mr mrs engagement party invitations photo

Here are some of their best, easy to personalize engagement party invitations:

View all engagement party invitations at shutterfly.com

Mixbook: Nice Discount Engagement Party Invitations

While Mixbook gained popularity for photo books, they actually have a nice selection of invitations as well. They also have generous coupons and free shipping on $75+ orders which brings the price down in line with some of their cheaper-looking competition.


Vistaprint: Cheap Personalized Engagement Party Invitations

logo vistaprint red

If paying a dollar or more per invitation isn’t in your budget, you can also consider the cheaper options at Vistaprint.

They have a number of engagement party invitation designs that are easy to customize, and are very inexpensive when you use a coupon. If you’re a new customer, look for their free shipping promotion when you spend over $49.

vistaprint inexpensive engagment party invites

ring inexpensive engagment party invitations

vistaprint custom engagment party invitations floral


Walgreens Photo: Cheap Customized Invitations for an Engagement Party

walgreens photo engagement card

You might be comfortable getting your digital prints at your local Walgreens, and they also have a limited selection of custom engagement party invitations with one or more photo. Personally, I don’t think these invitations are in the same league as our top picks, but you might find a great coupon to make it worthwhile.


vintage engagement ring illustration

Engagement Party Invitations: Design and Theme Ideas

An engagement party celebrates the commitment between two people who are in love, and it kicks off all of the events and planning of the wedding. While you may just want to go with simple invitations that invite guests and give party details, here are some common themes to consider for invitation designs:

  • personalized engagement party invitations champagne toastChampagne / Champagne Toast – The engagement party guest list consists of the engaged couple’s closest family and friends. At the party, they get together to congratulate the honored couple, but there is still a lot to do before they are bride and groom. The champagne toast is traditionally a focal event at the actual party, so why not include it on the design of the invitations? Even just bubbles in the design can allude to the champagne toast
  • The Future Mr. & Mrs – Another way of saying that a couple is engaged is that they are, “the future Mr. and Mrs. (last name).” You’ll find a number of invites that announce the engagement in this way
  • Tying the Knot Designs – A metaphor for the commitment of marriage, some invitations will use a knot, or “tying the knot” as the theme of the card design. THere are some good engagement party design ideas on Pinterest.
  • Engagement Ring Engagement Party Invitation Designs – What better symbolism for a “forever”commitment than a diamond ring, right? Actually, you can thank the folks at De Beers for “creating” that tradition, but that’s another story. There are more than a few invites with engagement rings in, or as the center of the design
  • two less fish in the sea invitations“Finally” Invitation Designs – Are you celebrating the engagement of a couple that everyone has been waiting for to get married? Maybe they are just a perfect couple or, like my brother, waited an extra year or five to pop the question. If so, “finally” might be an appropriate theme for a design
  • Humorous / Fun Invitation Ideas – Look for engagement party invitation designs that say something like, “wifey & hubs” “it was a yes!”, “two less fish in the sea,” or, “the hunt is over.” Even if your engagement party and wedding are classy and expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t include some humor
  • Vintage Design – We like to think of marriages and weddings as timeless. Vintage designs and fonts are very popular just like Colonial houses; because their style has survived the test of time. Consider using an Instagram filter on a favorite photo for a cool vintage look. Where can you print Instagram photos?
  • Modern / Clean Design – No bells or whistles, just simplicity. Simple designs are often the most effective in conveying emotion and information. After the wedding your life will most likely become more and more complicated, so why not choose simplicity while you can?
engagement party invites champagne bottle
Engaged! – Wedding Paper Divas
bold and bubbly square_engagement party invitations
Mr. & Mrs. – Wedding Paper Divas
yes inexpensive engagement party invitations
Yes – simple engagement party invitations from Shutterfly
she said yes engagement invitation
Another beautiful engagement invitation from WeddingPaperDivas.com

engagement beach _proposal idea

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