Buzz-Worthy Professional Networking Event Ideas

prepared networking eventStarting your own business? Looking to advertise your new small business? Looking for a co-founder for your company?

Proper networking is a must for success in the business world. Networking can boost your reputation and success. It can help build your brand.

One way to network is to host a networking event. New to networking events? Looking for tips to make it a success?

You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for top notch networking event ideas that will make your event a true success.

Top 4 Networking Event Ideas

1. Advertise Your Event

What good is a networking affair if no one knows about it? While you can use your existing network to build some hype, you’ll want new faces in attendance.

There are many ways to advertise your event. Consider these methods:

  • Social Media: Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post about your upcoming event! These are ideal tools to use for getting the word out – quickly!
  • Traditional Media: If you have local partnerships, advertise at their locations. Flyers and other printed media work quite well. Want to take it a step further? Try to get ads in the local newspaper or on the radio.
  • Word of Mouth Word of mouth marketing works! Talk about your event to people you know. Ask them to spread the word.

2. Have a Purpose

Your networking event needs to be valuable. Your time and each visitor’s time comes at a price.

What makes your networking event better than another? Why should professionals be interested in your event? How will the event allow people to network?

Your networking event has to be meaningful. When planning your event, be sure to answer these questions below.

  • What are your networking needs?
  • Who does this event appeal to?
  • What will attendees learn?
  • What’s the buzz about this event?
  • What’s the most suitable agenda?

When you’re done planning your event, these questions should have solid answers.

3. Know the Agenda

Aside from an overall purpose, you’ll need an agenda.

What question do you want to answer? What’s the theme and tone of your event? All of these questions will require planning. Proper planning will ensure the success of your occasion.

Your agenda will drive the small details, such as:

  • Hosts and sponsors
  • The venue
  • Whether you have guest speakers
  • The need for seminars or discussion panels

4. Be Prepared

Preparation is key! Not only will you need to prepare the event, but also yourself.

So how can you cross all of your T’s and dot all I’s?

  • Dress professionally. Wearing business attire will set the tone for your event.
  • Bring the necessities. You’ll need a variety of items. From women laptop bags to notepads, you’ll want to ensure you have everything you need. From note-taking to speaking, these items will ensure you are well prepared.

Planning Tips & Tricks You Can Depend On

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