Checks In the Mail Coupon: 60% Off Code for New Customers

checks in mail offer for new customers

checks in the mail logoCheap personal checks and address labels: Right now there is a stupendous sale going on at In an effort to attract new customers, they have released this coupon for new customer accounts entitling you to custom printed boxes of checks for only $6.99 each, plus free shipping!


Who still uses personal bank checks? Well, Buck Rodgers, even in this digital age people are still using bank checks. (Actually it’s kind of nice, as my bank stores a photo of every one I’ve written, so it’s great at tax time to see who I’ve paid!) Anyway, this is the cheapest that I’ve seen their checks in some time, so it’s a pretty good deal.

They have a huge selection of designs; everything from antique to Disney, so if you need custom bank checks for personal or business use, check it out!

So, are these the cheapest personal checks online? Maybe after you apply the coupon. You can compare them with Vistaprint’s checks, which are also pretty inexpensive. Also, I notice that although it says, “free” shipping, there is a handling charge of about $5 for all orders.

Speaking of filing taxes, that’s probably the worst time to run out of checks. You can get a jump on filing your taxes in the new year and save with a coupon for TurboTax here.

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