Choosing The Best Paper For Your Printable Wedding Invitations

It’s your wedding and you want it to reflect the love you and your partner share for each other. With so many DIY tools available, you can make each part of your special day any way you want to.

Long gone are the days of conforming to industry norms when it comes to the details of your wedding. Brides are forgoing traditional gowns and grooms are creating their own variations of the tux.

Couples are paying greater attention to the details and placing their personal touch on everything from party favors to invitations.

Creating custom wedding invitations is becoming very popular. To make the perfect invitation you’ll need the perfect paper.

Read on for tips on how to choose the best paper for printable wedding invitations

Choosing the Best Paper Weight

If cost is a concern when planning your wedding, printing your own invitations is an option you want to consider. Not only is it economical, but there’s some great stationery on the market.

Use at least 80lb stock, but try not to exceed 110lb. Not all standard printers will be able to handle a heavier stock.

The best paper for wedding invitations is card stock, vellum, and linen. Recycled paper is another option for the eco-friendly couple.

If you do go with a heavier card stock and you plan on hand-delivering your invitations, forgo standard envelopes. Consider using unconventional materials to make cool and creative card holders.

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Customized Printable Wedding Invitations

You do not have to be a graphic designer to create unique printable wedding invitations.

There are many stationery shops on the market offering a wide selection of custom stock papers. You have an array of colors and designs at your disposal. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between professionally printed cards and DIY projects.

If you really want to do something fancy, choose a design that incorporates gold foil or another eye-popping material.

After you’ve chosen the perfect stationery it’s time to customize the text to express how much you want your family and loved ones to share this special day with you.


Creating a Unique Invitation with Unusual Items

Say you’ve explored all the available paper and stationery out there. Nothing has struck your fancy. You may want to get truly creative and design an invitation unique to your love story.

If you decide to go this route, purchasing plain card stock is the only paper you need.

You can take your printable wedding invitations and attach them to artwork, a picture frame or even cloth like muslin wrap. You can tie it, glue it or even sew your invitation to items and make them a real keepsake.

When it comes to your special day the sky is the limit and you can express yourself in many ways.

This is an amazing time in your life and one you want to remember forever. Why not have an invitation you would be excited to add to your wedding memorabilia?

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Congratulations on your Big Day!

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