Creative Idea: 5 Awesome DIY Rubber-Stamped Business Card Designs

So, if you’re trying to stand out in a stack of other business cards, why not incorporate a stamped element into design? If appropriate, this can add style to an already printed design, or exist all on its own. You can also stamp it on everything from card stock or envelopes to cocktail napkins.

Check out these business card designs that add a little creativity with a cheap rubber stamp;

stamped business card diy

1: Not only are these business cards cheap to make, but each one of them is one-of-a-kind when you incorporate a rubber stamped element. I really like the contrast between the stamped area and the digitally printed lines below it with contact info. In order to execute a design like this, just get cheap business cards printed that allow open space for the stamp. With this idea stay away from glossy or coated cards, or ink that isn’t permanent. You can even just stamp the back if you want.

rubber stamp business card

2: Want to turn any paper surface into a business card? Why not make a rubber stamp that has your web address on it that can be stamped almost anywhere? (If you’re single, this might even work at a bar too!)

business card with stamped ink

3: The first thing you probably think of is stamping black ink onto white paper, but why not change it up? A rubber stamp that has all of your important info can make an unlimited number of business cards.

business cards with stamp

4: Don’t feel limited to just text either. Stamping a logo or graphic can be effective too. In this case, a makeup company used a rubber stamp to look like lipstick when stamped onto a napkin.

stamp business cards

5: Check out these crafty DIY business cards! The colored tape gives it a nice touch, too. Like all of these other rubber-stamped business cards, each one is a little different and special.

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