5 Creative Invitation & Gift Ideas for a Golden Anniversary

gold pocket watchSo you’re coming up on your golden anniversary and you want to make it spectacular but you aren’t sure where to start.

Many people like to stick to traditional ideas. Gold is the color for celebrating half a century of love.

As a precious metal, it represents the solidarity of your relationship. After all, what can be more precious, valuable, and timeless than family? And what is more solid than 50 years of wedded bliss?

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This anniversary is one that should be celebrated with everyone who has played an important role in your lives together.

You only get one chance at a good invitation and one chance to get everyone excited to participate, so let’s make it count. Below are some fun ways to get all your relatives involved in this special occasion.

Send Gold Pocket Watches

If you have ever seen Alice in Wonderland, you know the importance of a good timepiece. Pocket watches, in particular, are found in numerous films and literature, and for good reason.

They have a timeless beauty, just like your love.

You can send out gold pocket watches as invitations for your golden anniversary.

They will gently remind your often tardy family members that they are required to be there, on time. Who can be late after receiving such a fine private clock?

Sending Photos for Your Golden Anniversary

50th anniversary invite

If your friends and family are dispersed far and wide, it can be a lot of fun to organize a simultaneous photo theme.

In the same way that many people wear ugly Christmas sweaters in Christmas card photos, you could ask your relatives to dress in period clothing from the decade you were married.

If your relatives prefer something a little less involved, they could send you a Happy 50th Anniversary sign that has traveled the country. It would be accompanied by photos taken at major landmarks near each person’s home.

These are great ways to get other people involved in celebrating your golden anniversary, even if seeing them in person isn’t an option.

Gold Playing Cards

Playing cards are one of the most popular hobbies for the later part of life. They keep you sharp.

If board games and card playing have been things that brought you joy, playing cards will be a very personal anniversary gift.

If gold is a bit ostentatious for you, you can design your own playing cards (coupon here) with whatever images you like. Perhaps an image of the family? Or your dog, if you prefer.

Golden Hair Clips

Hair accessories are truly a luxury good.

We bet you can count on one hand the number of times you have bought yourself anything other than a hair tie or some bobby pins.

Buying a golden hair clip will make you feel like the princess you always knew you were on your golden anniversary.

If your hair has begun to thin, don’t worry, it’s not too late. All you need is a hair thickening shampoo and you will be able to clip it like it’s 1999.

Sending Boxes of Love

One creative and generous couple from Central Coast packed 50 shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, and candy. They sent them to the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Project. This organization has sent more than 15,000 gifts to children in at least 131 countries.

“It was either this or go on a cruise.” Enola Curtis joked when asked about her choice to give to charity.

No Matter What

Your 50th wedding anniversary is a huge accomplishment. No matter how you celebrate, enjoy the blessing of having a life long love.

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