Next-Level Invites: 8 Super Creative Invitations

Whether you’re hosting a graduation party, planning an epic 30th birthday bash, or just need a good excuse to get all your friends together, you’ve got party planning on the brain. 

Your Pinterest board is full of awesome venues, great ideas for party favors, and tons of games you all can play to bring out everyone’s competitive spirit. 

No matter what kind of party you’re hosting, creative invitations can get guests excited about it before the big day. Need a little invitation inspiration? 

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Check out this list of unique invite ideas to get everyone buzzing about your next bash. 

1. Use an Object as an Invite

Looking for cute invitation ideas that won’t break the bank but will make a big impression on your guests? 

Why not replace the typical stationary with a themed object?

For example, if you’re hosting a baby shower, write the party details on the back of a diaper. Hosting a back to school event? Have the information your guests need written on a pencil or large eraser.

If you’re planning a cocktail party, hand deliver mini bottles of your favorite liquor with the invite details printed on the label. 

Your guests will love your creativity, and you’ll love the pictures of the invites they’re sure to upload on social media.

2. Play around with Texture

Looking for invitation ideas that let you upgrade traditional stationery? 

Play around the texture of the card’s edges. You can go for rounded edges, squiggly lines, or even a special border around the entire invitation. In addition to the edges, also consider the texture and material of the invitation itself. 

If you’re hosting a camping party (or a glamping soiree), print your invites on a piece of stained plywood. For a barn wedding, glue a piece of burlap to the back of the invitation to create a themed, texturized edge. 

3. Do a Special Photoshoot

Another way to give guests the most creative invitations possible?

Schedule a photoshoot so that you can take a themed picture to include on the invites. If you’re having a Christmas party, do a retro, pinup-style photoshoot of you and your partner unwrapping presents under the tree. 

If you’re hosting a baby shower, you and your child’s father can do a few hilarious poses that will make your guests laugh. 

If it’s your birthday, surround yourself with delicious cakes. 

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you’re having fun — and that your pictures compliment the theme of the party.

Check out these tips to make sure you’ve brushed up on your posing techniques before shoot day.

4. Consider the Scent

Cool invitations aren’t just about looks. You should also consider other ways that you can engage the senses. 

We love the idea of spritzing your invites with the perfect but appropriately subtle scent. This works especially well if you’re having a garden party or tea party. A floral scene will help to get everyone in the mood. 

If you’re hosting a carnival-themed bash, you might even look for a scent that reminds guests of popcorn or cotton candy.

5. Fill the Envelope with Favors

Who says that favors should only be handed out after the party is over? 

Including small items or even a bit of confetti in your invite envelopes can get people in the mood weeks before your big event. 

If you’re throwing a party to celebrate the release of a new video game, include themed patches in the envelope. 

Tell your guests that they have to find a way to wear the patches at the party. 

6. Create a Multipurpose Invite

As with customized retail packaging, you should also consider how guests might be able to reuse their invitations after reading them. 

Include instructions with your invite that let your guests fold the cards into something else. If you’re throwing a clothing swap event, make the invitations fold into a hanger.

Hosting a party on a boat? Include origami instructions on how guests can crease and fold their invitation into their own tiny sailboat.

Encourage them to share pictures of their work on social media. 

7. Keep the Envelope Unique

Unique invitations aren’t just about the inside of the invitation. They’re also about the envelope you include it in!

Choose a bright, bold color for your envelope. Even consider adding a funny nickname to the name and address. For best results, hire a professional calligrapher to take things to the next level. 

Also, consider the interior of the envelope. 

Include a beautiful print or fun image for a fun surprise when guests open up the envelope. 

8. Make the Invitation the First Clue

You can even make invitations a part of the games you’re planning to play at your party. 

For example, if you know you’re planning to send guests on a scavenger hunt, you could make your invitation the very first clue. This way, your guests can start brainstorming ahead of time. 

Need to Print Your Creative Invitations?

As you can see, there is certainly no shortage of ways to bring creative invitations that will get everyone talking about your party. 

No matter what kind of party you’re hosting, take a risk and think outside of the box when it comes to your invitations.

Of course, you should also ensure that you’re working with a printer that you can trust — and one you can afford. 

That’s where we come in. 

In addition to giving you awesome printing advice, we also let you know where you can find the best discounts for all of your commercial and personal printing needs.

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