3 Creative Paper Gift Ideas For Your 1st Anniversary

Between the winter holidays, birthdays, and Valentine’s day, always thinking of a thoughtful and creative gift for your spouse can get tricky.

That must be why so many couples celebrate the traditional list of wedding anniversary gifts, originally penned by Emily Post in the early 1920s.

The list includes a unique theme, either a material or item, for each year of marriage. For the 1st anniversary, the theme is paper.

Here are three great gift ideas to celebrate your spouse with paper on your 1st anniversary.

Get Creative for Your 1st Anniversary

So, a card would be lovely and fit the theme of paper, but where’s the fun in that?

You can get a paper gift your spouse will love whatever their taste. All it takes is a little thinking outside of the box.

A Chance to Re-Live Your Wedding

For the sentimental spouse, take them back to your wedding day by surprising them with an invitation on your wedding stationary. If you don’t have stationary left over, you can easily have it recreated.

The invitation could be to dinner, a stress-free staycation, a couple’s massage, a weekend getaway, or anything else you know your spouse would love.

For a truly romantic touch, recreate aspects of your wedding, such as playing your first dance song or eating the same meal you had on your wedding night.

A Physical Memento

anniversary flowers paper

Nowadays, so many of our photos are only viewed digitally. That makes a good old-fashioned, hold-it-in-your-hands photo album a great gift for the 1st anniversary.

Print a photo book or even a customized calendar filled with pictures from your wedding, honeymoon, dating years, or childhood photos. Anything meaningful to your relationship will work.

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For a sexy gift, you could even do a pin-up inspired boudoir photo shoot and print a “for your eyes only” album. Hard to imagine taking this seriously? Try a comedic angle that will make your spouse laugh.

Presenting the gift with a beautiful bouquet of flowers made with origami paper is a great touch to really emphasize the theme.

A Big Night Out

For a great, easy gift on paper, get your loved one tickets!

Tickets can fit any budget and set of interests. You could get tickets to a movie, sports event, concert, play, museum, theme park, or plane tickets to a surprise vacation to name a few!

Be sure to print them out or get the physical tickets mailed to you ahead of time to fit the theme.

This is a great way for the happy couple to spend quality time together, gaining a new experience and memory.

To really impress them, step out of your comfort zone. Get them tickets to something they love that wouldn’t be your first choice.

For example, are they a fan of your rival sports team? Get tickets to sit of their team’s side

But Most Importantly…

For your 1st anniversary, remember that the most important part is showing your spouse how much you love and appreciate them.

Fit the theme to a gift that shows you put some thought into the gift and they’ll surely cherish it.

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