How to Design Truly Creative Wedding Invitations: 5 Ideas

There’s something beloved about paper wedding invitations that arrive in the mail. But all too often, they resemble the same overdone design schemes on boring cards.

Couples spend too much time and money for their wedding invitations to go overlooked. So, how can they design creative wedding invitations that captivate their guests?

Here are a few innovative and unique ideas for all types of wedding invitations.

Newspaper Engagement Announcements

engagement announcements like newspaper

Today, couples can publish their own newspapers and announce their engagements.

Newspaper engagement announcements have the look and feel of classic black-and-white newspapers. They headline the engagement with a publication about the couple’s love story.

These also make for creative wedding invitations that guests can RSVP to. The corners can have a RSVP section with cut-along-the-line embroidery.

When opened, they feature information about the venue, meal options, and attire requirements. They can also feature details about gift registry and nearby hotel accommodations.

Balloon “Save the Dates”

creative save date invites balloons
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Future husbands and wives can customize balloons to say “Save the Date”. The balloons come deflated in the mail. Then, receivers blow them up to get the “Save the Date” information.

They physically stand out more than other “Save the Date” invitations. And no one will ever forget about the time they had to inflate a balloon in the mail to get a message.

Creative Wedding Invitations for Destination Ceremonies

There are plenty of ideas for destination wedding invitations.

Beach wedding? Send a message in a bottle.

Print companies can create invitations on paper that resemble parchment. Then, the couple can roll and tie them with twine. Some couples even stuff the bottles with sand and seashells.

Getting hitched at a wedding chapel in Vegas? Send out custom playing cards.

The fronts of the cards can include the suit of hearts symbols in the corners. Design the backs with whimsical designs and make them feel like real playing cards.

Reception Tickets

creative wedding invite idea

Print shops usually produce ticket-like invitations for birthday parties and private film screenings. But tickets also make terrific and creative wedding invitations.

Like traditional invites, they’ll include all the wedding information, like location and time. But like movie tickets, they’ll have a rectangular shape and include seat (or table) numbers.

Additionally, they’ll feature retro font and “Admit One” on the back. They can also say “Admit Two” or “Three” to let guests know that they can invite a friend or their family.

They also make good bachelor and bachelorette party invites, or engagement party invites.

Fortune Teller Invites:

fun different wedding invites

Fortune teller wedding invitations make for a fun way to receive wedding details.

The four exterior spaces can include words like “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Bride”, and “Groom”. They could also feature the first and last names of the couple.

Then, there will be 8 spaces. These can include numbers or symbols, like hearts, flowers, or doves.

They can also include thematic symbols, like acorns and trees for rustic weddings. Another example would be martini glass and phonograph symbols for vintage weddings.

Behind those 8 spaces will be 8 more. These spaces are for location, open bar hours, and details that guests need to know.

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Make Memories with Wedding Invitations

Brides and grooms can make lasting impressions long before the big day. And they don’t have to break their budgets on creative wedding invitations in the process.

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