5 Employee Recognition Ideas for Company Events

gold starAs an employer, promoting positive company culture is important. Every business event is an opportunity to develop that culture and create happier employees.

It’s the perfect time to surprise employees with something that will make them feel truly appreciated.

Rewarding actions that drive a business towards success will only benefit the organization as a whole.

Here are a few grand ideas to show positive employee recognition at the next big company event.

1. Go For Novelty

A fun way to add a personal touch to rewarding milestones is to get them personalized gifts they’ll never forget.

Try having an action figure made in the likeness of the employee. That will give them something unique to cherish.

Commission an oil painting to be made in their image. Go the extra mile and add their pet. This is the kind of thoughtfulness that will really bring a smile to an employee’s face.

2. Send Them Packing

Who doesn’t like to travel? It’s best to figure that out before giving a very special employee a paid trip abroad.

Try a weekend cruise for an employee with the year’s top performance or a trip to Europe for a veteran employee to celebrate their fifth year in the company.

A trip will give employees memories to last a lifetime and they’ll always remember it was a result of their own good work.

3. Listen to the Voice of the People

Don’t just search the web for what other companies have done for their employees. Instead, it may be best to ask them directly through polls or surveys how they would like to be rewarded.

Find out if there’s something they’d like to see for the office that everyone can share.

There might be some simple form of employee recognition that could be missed by a single individual but that becomes unsurfaced by asking the group.

4. Trophies To Top Performers

Recognize each leader in a given department with award plaques and a gift card to a nice restaurant.

Give trophies to those employees that did something outstanding beyond the call of duty.

This may incite a little healthy competition to grow your organization’s productivity if it’s made a habit at each company event.

5. Personalized Employee Recognition

give wine employeesGive a gift that will leave a meaningful impression. Find out what makes each employee tick and what their personal interests are to give a reward that shows their employer really cares.

Giving a bottle of their favorite wine or simply a personalized note that highlights that individuals positive qualities is enough to show genuine appreciation.

Possibly try printing a set of uniquely designed custom business cards that say something nice about them.

This will motivate employees to put that same level of care into their work.

Recognize Regularly

Using these tips will make that next company event one that nobody will want to miss.

But the appreciation shouldn’t end there. To help a business thrive, continue to show that hard work is worth a lot to the organization.

Having employees that feel fulfilled and appreciated will result in better productivity and employee retention.

For more tips and tools for future events visit our website.

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