Husband Gifts: Present Ideas For Your Man’s Birthday

Isn’t it often the case that the men in our lives are always the most difficult to buy for? Repeatedly getting met with a shrug and an ‘I don’t know’ when you ask your man what he wants for his birthday?

Here are a couple of fresh ideas to give you inspiration when it comes to husband gifts for this year’s birthday, and the many more to come!

Husband Gifts #1: Wallets

Wallets make really great, functional gifts. Noticed your Husband’s wallet getting a little scruffy, or feel like it’s a bit too big and cumbersome? It might be worth getting him an edc wallet, or ‘everyday carry’ wallet to store cards, money and small bits and bobs he uses on the regular.

These nifty little things are a good way to minimise baggage or pocket space, with enough to carry the essentials and not have too much money on your person. They can be bought alone or as an accompaniment to a regular wallet. You choose!

To make it a little more heartfelt, you could slip a photo of the two of you inside, or a little note, or tickets to a sports game. It’s little details like this that will make a functional gift more personal.

Husband Gifts #2: A Bag or Briefcase

Like a wallet, bags are super functional gifts. This doesn’t mean they have to be boring. First, decide what kind of bag your husband is likely to get more use out of. A backpack, a briefcase, a suitcase?

There are so many great brands and styles on the market, but once you’ve found the kind your man will like, do spend a little bit more on a model that will last. A sturdy, good quality bag will go a long way and can last years if taken care of.

Husband Gifts #3: Cologne

Cologne always makes a great gift, especially if your guy has a signature scent already. You just know they’re going to get loads of use out of it, whether they’re at a work do, out with friends, or on a date with you.

If your man doesn’t have a signature cologne, why not make it part of his gift that you go out together and choose one?

Or, you could knock one up at a perfume-making workshop. Not only does your guy get a new scent, but you also get to spend some quality time together being creative and trying something new!

Husband Gifts #4: A Weekend Away

Short holidays and trips are something you can both enjoy, and make for a great and memorable gift.

Whether you’re going overseas or staying in the country, planning a mini trip for just the two of you can be relaxing and fun – a nice break from the daily grind.

Just like you might theme your kids’ birthday parties, you can theme your getaway too. Are you feeling outdoorsy, or do you need something more chill? Taylor it to your man’s interests and he’s sure to appreciate the thought you put in.

Husband gifts don’t have cause you stress. Generally speaking, something functional that will get used, but with a personal touch or thought behind it should go down a treat.

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