5 Kids Birthday Party Themes Your Young Child Will Love

Star Wars and Moana are trending both as kids birthday party themes and on the screen. But, do you want your child to have the same theme as the whole class?

Instead of a pop culture hit, why not choose an interactive theme for your child’s birthday party?

Now, when trying to pick original birthday party themes, things can get a little rough!

That’s why we’ve got five great ideas to get you started.

1. Messy Artists

Instead of a mess that gets them in trouble, let your kids make a mess for artistic fun.

Break “canvases” like bed sheets across stations so Jackson Pollock would be proud. Stock up on washable paint to save time in clean up.

Save some money with discount invitations and customize an advisory message for kids to wear old clothing.

Unleash your own creativity and brainstorm ways to spread the paint. Water guns, spray bottles, and sponges are all fair game.

2. Little Explorers

If you know kids like we know kids, you’ll understand their innate love of adventure!

Why not let them dress up as explorers? With this theme, you can offer scavenger hunts as entertainment.

Keep it at home or get a few parent volunteers to take the kids around town.

Have fun making the hunt. Create scavenger hunt clues online that the kids can work together to solve.

Use a random draw to split the kids into teams. The winning team gets prizes, but everyone comes away with something.

3. Mad Scientist

This mad scientist theme harnesses the power of science to amaze and educate the kids.

Order cheap lab coats and goggles to make them look like scientists. Gray hairspray gives them mad scientist hair, too.

Do some kid friendly experiments to amaze the mad scientists and teach them a thing or two.

When it’s time for snacks, think cooky. A block of dry ice dropped into punch makes “mad scientist punch.”

Choose a crazy experiment or two they can take home as a favor.

4. Little Chefs

Make your party planning job easier by leaving the snack creation up to the kids. Put them in little chef hats, and then put them to work.

Personal-sized pizza dough and an array of pizza toppings let them whip up their own lunch. Get a prize for “Most Fun Pizza Design” to encourage creative designs with toppings.

Dye some sugar cookie dough and let them create their own colorful cookie designs. Or, pre-bake some cupcakes for them to decorate.

5. Animal Kids Birthday Party Themes

Unlike other kids birthday party themes, animal parties offer the chance for a fun party and a gift experience in one.

Get a reptile specialist to bring critters for the kids to learn about! Have a local shelter bring puppies for a puppy party.

Let your kid choose a pet to keep and encourage other families to consider adoption.

And, if you’re not in a position to adopt a pet, at least it’s a fun time with the animals.


Customize any of these themes to your kid’s preferences for a party your guests will remember.

For a messy artist, choose your kid’s favorite colors of paint. Little chefs can bake their favorite recipes.

Interactive and unique themes won’t only make your kid’s party better than the Star Wars and Moanas out there. Your child will feel appreciated, and all the kids will have super fun time.

And, after all, isn’t that what the party is all about?

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