Make Your Own Photo Pin Board: Art to Frames Coupon

art to frames logoMake a pin board with your own photos: Looking for a fun way to display one of your photos as useful art? Consider making a bulletin board from your favorite photos. Just like cork, but the pins won’t leave a mark! Check it out at Art to Frames, and use a coupon for up to a 50% discount or free shipping!

Option 1: Making a personalized Map bulletin board / Cork Board: DIY

A few months ago our son told us he wanted a map to hang on his wall, and thumbtacks so that he could mark all of the places we’ve been. That’s a fun idea, and after an hour searching online I came across a few options on Easy and The problem is that the good ones on Easy were expensive, and the ones on Amazon were a little cheap-looking.

make your own cork board map

In an effort to save $20, we made our own cork bulletin board with cork, glue, and a frame. We bought a cheap map of America poster, and spent another hour or more putting it all together. Actually, when all was said and done we didn’t save much, and there were a couple of air bubbles visible in the map. The final product was OK, but a deceptively large investment of time & money. *There are people doing some cool DIY cork boards out there though. Maybe we just lack talent. You can check some DIY ideas on Pinterest

pinpix art frame bulletin board


Option 2: You Can Use Art to Frame to Make Your Own Framed Bulletin Board / Cork Board

So, here I am, months later, and I come across where you can upload your own photo and make a custom bulletin board! It’s as easy as customizing something for free on Shutterfly, and the print quality is amazing. In our case we could have used a high-resolution photo of the perfect map for our son, picked to size, and even the frame!

They use a “self-healing canvas” instead of cork board, so your picture won’t get littered with holes from thumb tacks or push-pins. The print quality on the canvas is super-sharp and vibrant, and it looks more professional than our kind of sad DIY cork board.

If I had it to do over again, I might find a high resolution antique map of America on Google image search, and used that. Actually, seeing what’s possible with pin boards at Art to Frames got me thinking that there are a lot of possibilities here!

art to frames bulletin boards

Art to Frames PinPix Bulletin Boards: Turn Your Photo Into a Framed Pin-board (Better than Cork or DIY!)

Although they have a lot of stock options for printing as a bulletin board, this would be a great photo gift idea for the home or office. The canvas is a great way to feature photo of your family, or a favorite spot or landmark.

Ideas for making Framed Custom Bulletin / Pin Boards

  • Why not make a personalized photo bulletin board for Dad or Mom’s office with pictures of the kids?
  • Family Tree: Use one of Art to Frame’s family tree designs to feature pictures of your family
  • Gift for Students: Decorative, functional piece of art for your student’s dorm or room
  • Wedding photos: What a great way to display a wedding photo for yourself, or as a wedding gift. Then, cover it with new photos, wedding invitations, and use push-pins to tack papers all over your faces with all the stressful and wonderful things that are keeping you apart all day, ha ha!
  • The family dog: We are obsessed with our dog, so a personalized bulletin board would be a great way to have her hang around the kitchen all the time. No pets? Maybe a picture of your favorite automobile?
  • Travel Map: Whether it’s a map of America, a state, or any other region or country, maps make great bulletin boards / pin boards. You can find some cool vintage maps online
  • Photo Grid – Use Photoshop to make your own photo collage of your favorite photos that make you happy.
  • Pin board for coupons – Where do you put all of those great must-use coupons that always end up lost or expired? Turn your cork board into a fun way to remember to use your favorite coupons for everything from restaurants to auto parts.

Always Use an Art to Frames Coupon towards Bulletin Boards or Framing!

Currently Art to Frames is really trying to promote their patent-pending “PinPix” custom framed bulletin board printing & framing, so they have a great 50% off discount running right now. I’ve seen it advertised for a couple of months now with the same 50% off promo code, so hopefully it’s still available!

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