Go Mini or Go Home: Mini Business Cards – 25% Off at Overnight Prints

mini business cards overnight prints25% Off with coupon code: UP225MBCS

use them as tags, tooMini Business Cards – Because your business cards often are how people remember you, it’s never a good idea to go boring or conventional. Why go cheap with Vistaprint’s free business cards, as that $10 you saved may cost you 100 times that in new business? Besides, everything is better when you miniaturize it. Ever had a plate of tasty sliders? Mmm…

Anyway, at 1 x 2.75″ in size, these mini business cards, (aka “skinny business cards, or pocket cards,”) are a cool little option to use instead of your regular sized cards as a marketing tool. Popularized by designers and photographers, these mini business cards are pretty hip and bring to mind “forward-thinking” and new, hip technology. They kind of remind me of how people think of an iPad, compared to a laptop.

Consider them for these uses:

  • mini business cards on cupcakeBusiness cards for creative people and designers – Whether you are a photographer, a freelance artist, or a tech guy, these little business cards are a cool option to distinguish you and your brand
  • Labels & Gift Tags – If you are thinking of putting labels on products that you sell, consider these. Punch a little hole in them, and tie them to your clothing, food, or jewelry for sale.
  • Crafts, and custom invitations – Your own creativity is the limit for incorporating these skinny business cards into paper crafts. Why not attach them to wedding invitations, or use them for directions to a big event?

In any event, whether you want to go mini with your business cards is up to you, but I think they are a hip little option for the right person. Overnight Prints isn’t the only place to get them, so here are a couple of other discount online printing companies that print them:

Up to 25% Off Mini Business CardsUse code: UP225MBCS

can’t find what you need? There are some great deals at Vistaprint this week!

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