7 Party Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

Party favors used be commonly accepted as part of hosting an event. Recently, though, there’s been some debate about whether or not it’s necessary to give them out.

One reason for the uncertainty is because we’ve all gotten something that we’ll never use again.

Favors still make a nice gesture though and can be a great way to show your guests how appreciative you are that they attended. Whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding, the key is to give out something that guests will use and enjoy.

Read on for 7 fun ideas for party favors that are cute and practical for your guests.

1. Reusable Water Bottles

If you want to give out party favors that your guests will actually keep, think about something that they could use every day.

A reusable water bottle is something that your guests can keep in their purse, at their desk, or in a gym locker and will have plenty of opportunities to use throughout the day.

2. Succulents

It might seem strange to give your guests plants, but succulents actually make for a great party favor.

These plants are low maintenance — so you won’t be giving your guests something that requires a lot of work — and can last for a long time.

They come in lots of shape and color varieties, so you could buy several different ones and let guests choose what they like best.

3. A Cocktail Kit

Putting together personalized cocktail kits for guests is a great way to ensure your favor goes to use.

They’re also simple to make. Put an airplane-sized bottle of liquor in a small bag or box, along with your favorite cocktail recipe. You could add a shot glass or colorful straws to round out the kit and make it more fun.

4. Bamboo Toothbrush

Believe it or not, a toothbrush can make a great party favor. Or at least, if it’s a pretty bamboo toothbrush it can.

Bamboo toothbrushes, like those made by Luvin Life, are both beautiful and sustainable, which makes them a great gift that your guests will actually use.

It’s also an unexpected favor, which will make it more likely for guests to connect it to your event and remember how much fun they had every time they use it.

5. Canvas Tote Bag

Between food shopping, running errands or packing things up for a picnic, there is no end to the uses of a canvas tote bag.

As a party favor, print bags with a custom pattern or phrase that will remind guests of your event.

6. Journals

Giving guests a small journal or notebook is a great favor because it has so many uses.

Your guests can use it for writing their thoughts, keeping track of appointments, or even for writing down recipes or to-do lists.

Keep the look of the journal simple or opt for several different color options to ensure guests can pick something that matches their own style.

7. Food Items

Small food items are favors that are guaranteed to be put to use because everyone loves to add something new to the pantry.

Find cute jars or tins to hold everything from your favorite sweets to seasoned salts to jam or honey. Guests will leave satisfied, and ready to taste their new delicious favor.

Ready to Shop for Party Favors?

When you’re shopping for favors to give out at a part, think of what you might like to get if you were the guest. If it’s something you wouldn’t use, it’s doubtful that your guests will.

For more ideas on throwing the perfect party — including party prep and invitation inspiration — check out our blog.

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