How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Kids

Everyone has different feelings about party planning. Some practically drool over Pinterest decoration ideas, while others feel completely overwhelmed just walking down the birthday aisle at their local craft store.

Regardless of your feelings, we can all agree that we want our kid’s birthday to be an extra special day. A birthday party is a memorable experience that allows your child to feel like king or queen for a day (if they don’t already!) and boost their self-esteem.

But where do you begin?

Keep reading to learn how to plan the perfect birthday party for your kids.

Choose a Theme

Choosing the theme to organize the party around is usually the best place to start.

It will help you narrow down your search for the right invitations, decorations, food, party favors, and games. Of course, you’ll want to consult with your child before deciding on a theme. You’ll also want to consider whether you should purchase the decoration or make your own.

Some themes you may want to consider include:

  • Beach day theme
  • Sports theme
  • Animal adventure theme
  • Dinosaur theme
  • Art theme

Make a Guest List and Invitations

Guest lists for child birthday parties can be a little tricky.

You want your child to invite friends they’ll enjoy spending the day with, but you also want to teach your child the importance of including others. Also, you want to make sure you only invite as many children as you feel comfortable watching.

If your child is older than four, it is best to consult them about who they want to invite.

Mailing out card is a good way to ensure other children don’t feel left out.

Make sure the invitations include all necessary info: contact, directions, and special details like “bring a swimsuit.”

You will also want to consider whether it’s best to make your own cards or purchase the best holiday cards.

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The biggest decision in regards to location is whether or not to have the party at your home or somewhere else.

Throwing a party at home can be super convenient.  But keep in mind, a group of little kids can get very messy.

For a small fee, you can also reserve a spot at a community rec center or local park.


clown birthday partyDepending on your child’s age, an entertainer could be a really big hit.

Before you hire someone local though, consider enlisting a relative, babysitter or close family friend. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince someone to throw on a lab coat and pretend to be a mad scientist who makes a baking soda volcano for the kids.

By the way, kids hate clowns.

Enlist Help

Don’t go at it alone.

Enlisting the help of friends, family, other parents, or babysitters will make the day much easier.

Expect the Unexpected

There will almost certainly be some chaos when you get a group of children together.

To minimize the chaos you can:

  • Make sure there’s always an extra adult who can pull aside a child who is having a meltdown
  • Have first aid, ice packs, and tissues at the ready
  • Be aware of all food allergies and medical conditions
  • Keep pets separate from the guests
  • Allow other siblings to bring a friend over or schedule a play date for them

Kid’s Party: Wrap Up

Remember – planning the party is half the fun.

Enjoy it while you can because pretty soon your kids will be too old and too cool for themed birthdays!

Please drop a comment if you have any questions about planning the perfect party.

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