How to Print 40th Birthday Invitations for Men

Is your favorite guy’s 40th birthday approaching? A decade mark is a great time to throw a great party. You can let him know or keep it a secret. Either way, you’ll want to follow these great tips on using 40th birthday invitations.

Invitations to Complement His Personality

Is your guy fun and playful? Is he more serious and reserved? You can reflect those personality traits in the invitations you choose.

A party theme is always appropriate. You can include images of confetti, balloons, and cake. But consider doing more.

If he loves sports, why not have sports-themed 40th birthday invitations? Or if you want a more formal event, you can create a black-tie feel instead.

Whatever you choose, be sure your party and your invitations are something your man will appreciate. You can save money on a variety of types of invitations, so don’t be intimidated by price!

40th birthday party invites

Include Important Information

A birthday invitation can be as simple or complex as you like, but don’t leave out important details. Of course, you should have the date, time, location, and R.S.V.P. directions.

Consider including a link to a gift registry as well. A 40th birthday can be hard to get gifts for, and it will be a lot easier if folks know he wants the best beard trimmer or a set of tools.

If he doesn’t want gifts, say so on the invitation. It can save a lot of stress and embarrassment for your attendees when the expectations are clear.

Mail 40th Birthday Invitations on Time

No one wants to find out about an important event only a few days in advance. Since this party is a big deal to you and your guy, send the invitations in a timely manner.

Etiquette experts recommend sending important party invitations three to six weeks in advance. This will give your guests time to plan without giving them months to lose the letter or forget about the event.

You can also combine print and digital invitations. The print invite can provide the details, while a digital reminder on Facebook or other social media can be a great way to keep the event front of mind.

*For creative and cheap birthday invitations, consider Shutterfly and Snapfish!

Consider Unique 40th Birthday Ideas

While a BBQ or potluck is always a great way to celebrate, consider something more outside-the-box for a 40th birthday party.

Of course, all of this will depend on the birthday guy’s personality. Don’t plan something you love but he will hate!

Consider meeting friends at a local or regional landmark for a picnic and hiking. You could also arrange a night of classic movies, or notes from 40 friends about why he’s such a great guy.

If your man is into sports, a group outing to a live sporting event could be the perfect 40th birthday party. Or, for a fun but formal feel, look into a dinner cruise. You could even plan a bash around something you know has been on his bucket list for years!

No matter how you celebrate the birthday of the special man in your life, you’ll have more fun if others are there. Printed 40th birthday invitations are perfect and don’t have to cost you a bundle. Get yours today!

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