5 Pieces of Promotional Printing Advice for Your Company’s Next Event

It seems like as soon as someone says the words ‘business event’ people’s hearts drop. While many employees dread these events, they don’t have to be too rough.

In fact, when done right, they can be extremely beneficial. Companies that attend business events get their name out in the public for a fraction of the price of traditional advertising costs.

But how can you keep your company’s name on the client’s mind after they’ve left? With the right promotional material!

Here’s some printing advice to keep in mind for your next business event.

1. Plan Ahead

Let’s face it, not everyone has that creative flair that’s needed for designing ad material. And there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Accordingly, you’ll want to plan ahead. Schedule a meeting a few weeks before the event. Discuss what types of products you’d like to use ahead of time and how you’ll go about securing the goods.

Then, do some brainstorming and come up with a great design. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong here. Just make sure it’s something that you’re proud to put your business’s name on and giveaway.

2. Bring Different Types of Promotional Materials

What’s the right kind of promotional material? Trick question, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all material.

Ideally, you’ll want to bring at least a few various types of goods along to the event. And make sure you’ve got plenty of everything! You don’t want people to go away empty handed.

Even fliers or pamphlets are great to bring along.

3. Make Your Goods Practical

Whatever you’re bringing to the event, make sure it’s something that clients can actually use. Nobody wants useless junk that’s just going to sit around their house.

Things like pens, t-shirts, and draw-string bags are all popular for good reason: people use them. Think about the most commonly used goods and see how you can use them in your promotional printing.

Pens, in particular, are a great choice, as they’re cost-effective and actually helpful. For more info, check out About Pens– they’ve got a great selection.

4. Always Ask For a Sample

Finding the right supplier can be really difficult, so here’s a bit of printing advice that’s bound to save you some stress. Make sure to always ask for a sample product before agreeing to any price.

Be sure that you’re working with a company that’s capable of providing a strong product on time.

printing color ideas

5. Color Psychology Matters

Whether we realize it or not, the colors used in promotional materials matter. Quite a bit, in fact. After all, each color has its own distinct meaning and connotation.

Make sure to do a bit of research before committing to a particular color. Not only should your colors attract attention, but they should be used in a way that they elicit a feeling.

Warmer colors like yellows and oranges bring about nicer, gentler feelings. In contrast, harsher colors like maroon and dark blue have more negative connotations. It’s important that you think about the message you’re sending.

Printing Advice and Help For Your Business

It’s important to have the right signage and materials for your event, so be sure to follow the list above! By following these 5 printing advice tips, you’re sure to attract more customers.

Have any questions or want to get some printed materials of your own? Be sure to check out our coupons! We offer all sorts of fantastic savings on products from trusted companies like Vistaprint!

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