6 Sassy (and Classy!) Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas: The day of the wedding is not the first time a bride should show an elevated glow in her cheeks.

In fact, it has become a standard rite of passage that a group of lively ladies must have one last hurrah with the bride-to-be. A proper send-off of sorts.

Planning the perfect bachelorette party is becoming more popular than the actual bridal showers because of the levels of fun and entertainment it can provide. However, not every bachelorette party is required to be debaucherous and dirty.

A survey found that only 12% of brides actually want the “traditional” bachelorette party with the tiaras, sash, and penis-shaped party favors.

Does that mean that blushing brides are not wanting to have as much fun during their bachelorette parties?

Absolutely not!

Here are a few bachelorette party favor ideas that can get any quality pre-wedding day party started.

Classy Bachelorette Party Favors that Everyone Will Love:

bachelorette party wine idea

1.) Custom Wine Labels

Everyone loves a custom bottle of wine!

Why not provide a little bit of vino for the bachelorette gang with a lot of fun and personalization?

Custom wine labels are entertaining and creative ways to help set the perfect mood for any pre-wedding bash.

Whether the celebration is a low key day, evening, or weekend with friends or a full energy bash in the Sin City – creating personalized wine labels is a fabulous favor for your band of bachelorette buddies.

joey bra bachelorette gift

2.) The Joey Bra

When a bachelorette day or night on the town with gal pals is in order, many times there is no room for a purse to hold personal items.

A girl’s gotta be able to dance her cares away!

So, what better way to free up those hands than to purchase the perfect gift that can be used time and time again.

Finding this gem while searching through some of the coolest stuff on Amazon, the brilliant makers of the Joey Bra found a way to create some quality support that doubles as storage with hidden pockets.

This could be the ultimate gift to the gals for a perfect start to an awesome bachelorette party.

3.) Wine Ice Cream

What better way to begin or end a night than combining two phenomenal treats into one?

Wine + ice cream = reason to celebrate the days leading up to saying “I Do”.

Available in six different flavors of delicious wine, these 5% alcohol by volume pints of ice cream can be overnighted from Mercer’s Dairy in New York.

4.) Tiny Bubbles

Trying to avoid phallic party favors?

A simple swap for something trippy, psychedelic, and just plain awesome would be the Tekno Blacklight UV Bubbles.

These are, essentially, glow-in-the-dark bubbles that get any party started by just adding some blacklight.

Bringing these tiny bubbles to any bar or club is a fantastic way to party before the big wedding day.

5.) Appetizer & Wine Glass Holder

Having a party before the party?

These fabulous serving plates easily allow the bachelorette party food and beverages to be held in one hand.

6.) Wine Glass Holder Necklace

The most important rule in bachelorette parties – never put a drink down.

Whether hanging together at the beach, venturing out on a shopping spree, or partying at a bar or nightclub – the wine glass holder necklace is one of the most fabulous bachelorette party favors to give the gals.

Get Out There And Enjoy The Party

Finding the perfect bachelorette party favors that are both sassy and classy doesn’t have to be a difficult feat.

Simply finding a few things that are both fun and useful is the key to fueling the perfect bachelorette party.

Toss the phallic gag gifts out and bring in the fun and fabulous with some pre-wedding day party favors that can help eliminate the Big Day jitters of any blushing bride.

Don’t forget to document the bachelorette party to remember for years to come!

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