Shutterfly Free Wedding Invitations: 5 Free Sample Invites

shutterfly logoFree sample Wedding invitations from Shutterfly: One of Shutterfly’s more popular ongoing free promotions is for 5 free samples of any of their wedding invitations. free sample wedding invitations

I use Shutterfly all the time for prints and photobooks, but never really thought of them for wedding invitations, so I figured I’d use a promo code I’d found for their free invitations and try them out.

How To Order The Free Sample Wedding Invites

After logging into my account at, I clicked over to “Invitations / wedding invitations” and picked a stylish 5×7” design. I prefer vintage-looking designs without photos for wedding invitations, so I chose their Love And Laughter Forever design, which has some nice script over top of a nice vintage wooden texture.

free wedding invites samples shutterfly love laughter

Since I was putting Shutterfly to the test, I figured I should choose the “scallop” trim option to see how good it looks on card stock.

I entered in all of my personalized event information, (in this case the event details of the wedding of Nancy and Ronald Reagan) chose a design color, and hit “preview.” Looks good, now on to checkout.

shutterfly free wedding address labels

Optional Extras With Your Order

The first option I was presented with was matching address labels for the invitations. If I was really getting married, these would be a must have, but since I’m sticking with “free samples,” I’ll click “no thanks.”

Next option is to have all the invitations sent to me, or to upload a mailing list and have Shutterfly send them out with their mailing services. For final wedding invitations a mailing list makes sense, but for free samples I’ll click “send my cards to me.” Free blank envelopes are included with this option.

After clicking, “next” I get to review my order, and the price of cards which is an insane $4.23 each because I’m only ordering 5 invitations. A more realistic number of invites, like 100, would bring that down to about $1 each before using a coupon.

Enter a Promo Code for the Free Samples at Checkout

At this point adjust the quantity to “5”, and then enter the promo code, (In this case, 5WEDINVITES) and hit the arrow next to the promos / gift certificates text field to apply the coupon and update your order total.

The cost of the items will now be $0, and the shipping will be about $5 if you have nothing else in your cart:

enter free sample wedding invitations code shutterfly

The Free Samples Aren’t Totally “Free”, You Must Pay for Shipping

If you have nothing else in your order, you must pay the shipping cost of about $5. Not cheap, but a good deal when you consider you’re getting 5 free invitations with envelopes shipped to you.

Tip: Order something else and save on shipping. This would be a good time to order some prints or a gift for someone, as it will only increase the shipping cost by another dollar or two.

Here Are My Free Wedding Invitations from Shutterfly

shutterfly wedding invitations free

wedding invitations envelopes from shutterfly
free sample envelopes too

Ok, here they are. I got married years the ago, and actually got invitations from Shutterfly’s sister-site, Wedding Paper Divas, so I figured I’d have to be creative with the personalized info.

One of the Republican debates was on in the background when I ordered these, so why not choose the wedding of Nancy and Ronald Reagan? (I mean, do they talk about anyone else!?)

My Review of the The Wedding Invitations from Shutterfly

I got a package from Shutterfly delivered in 5 days, and the wedding invitations are really nice! The text and background image is all sharp, the cardstock is sturdy, and the scalloped cut is a nice touch. (You can also do rounded corners, which look good)

It’s nice to not see the Shutterfly logo on the back, as I don’t want them plugging their business on The Gipper’s wedding invitations.

It’s also nice to know that these are the exact invitations I would have gotten if I ordered 100; not just samples from a big stack with sample event details or stock photos.

After receiving these, I would have the confidence to go ahead with a large order of wedding invitations from Shutterfly knowing exactly what I was going to get.

Note: I also tried the free sample wedding invitations from Wedding Paper Divas which were amazing. I think they are even nicer than Shutterfly, but might cost you a little more.

More: New invitation designs from Shutterfly on their blog

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