Shutterfly Memory Game: Real Review + New Coupons

shutterfly logoShutterfly Memory Games are a great, creative gift idea for the kids. The game consists of 24 3×3″ personalized game cards arrives ready to give in it’s own storage box. There’s always a coupon available for up to a 50% discount on photo gifts like kids’ games, so check below before ordering:

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Shutterfly Memory Games Review: Low-Tech Family Fun!

Lately I’ve been really into low-tech games that bring parents and kids together, and don’t involve a phone or a computer screen. Having three kids under age 10, we often find ourselves looking for fun, quick games to play.

Once a week I find myself alone for a couple of hours with our 5 year-old while the other 2 boys are at soccer. I don’t like the time commitment needed for most board games, so a memory game is a great, quick option for quality time together with minimal setup & clean-up. Plus, personalizing a memory game with your own photos makes it a lot more fun and engaging!

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Shutterfly Memory Game Ideas: Under $20 With Coupon

How does a memory game work? Just like the ones you find in toy stores, you spread out 24 game cards face down and take turns trying to make matches. If you make a match, you remove those cards from the center until someone makes the last match. Whoever has the most matches when the final cards are gone wins.

To make a memory game on Shutterfly, you just need to pick 12 photos which are each printed twice on the 24 total game cards. So, realizing that we have thousands of photos on our phones (and already uploaded to I recommend choosing a theme like travel to narrow down your photo choices.

*Tip: I don’t recommend the card designs have large borders or shapes that cut into your photos. I suggest going with options like “Photo Gallery” or “upload your own design” to maximize the 3×3″ space. There are also customer reviews under every design template, so it’s worth reading them!

Review: I Designed My Memory Game to Remember a Favorite Trip

Personalized memory games are great for remembering a family trip. While young kids might not appreciate a photo book unless you pick it up and read it with them, a memory game can involve the whole family.

Every Summer we take a week-long trip somewhere new. This year we did a California trip. We flew into Los Angeles, and drove up the coast to San Francisco, stopping at several towns on the way. We already made a photo book with 20+ pages of photos and details, so why not make a memory game from our favorite pictures?

When you use a promo code, it’s a creative under $20 gift idea for kids!

*Tip: Consider using your Instagram photos, as they are already edited and in the square format for these game cards.

A Mix of Family Photos and Memorable Scenes

shutterfly_ memory game cards reviewScrolling through the hundreds of photos that we took, its hard to narrow the myriad of photo choices down to 12! I ended up making sure that each of the towns we stayed in was represented by at least one photo, and I looked for about half of the photos to not include people.

A couple of our fondest memories of the trip included a beautiful church that we stopped to take a photo of, a rickety staircase that went down to the beach, and an upside-down rainbow that we marveled at in Carmel Valley.

I think 12 family photos would be monotonous, so think about variety when choosing photos for the game. I also used personalized text on a few photos that helped make them more memorable, and complimented the photos. Shutterfly lets you zoom in or crop photos as you make your game, in addition to a few basic visual effects.

*Tip: You can also get 12 good photos from an event, (like a wedding or party) or of people. Consider having family members make funny faces to be featured in the game. Don’t forget the family pets!

shutterfly memory game review

Shutterfly Memory Games: Always Remember to Use a Coupon!

I wasn’t in a rush to order the game, so I kept my eyes open for a good coupon before placing the order. About a week after I designed it, Shutterfly released a 50% off coupon, which saved $10.

Without a coupon, the game itself would be a little pricey after shipping, so please don’t place any order on without using a promo code of some sort! Also, I chose the cheapest, “economy” speed shipping which saved me a buck or two, and arrived in 6 business days.

The game arrived in a cute little cardboard box (great stocking stuffer!) and the photo quality was excellent. The cards have rounded corners and are sturdy, but make sure you aren’t playing on a rough or wet surface, as I’m sure you could damage them.

*Tip: Choosing “glossy” finish will add $5 to your total before using a coupon code. Personally, I’m happy going with a matte finish which I prefer, and saved $5.

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Shutterfly Personalized Memory Games Review: Not Just For Kids!

It’s funny; after I laid these out upside-down on the table, my wife turned two of the cards over, and then said, “your turn!” I really was just going to show them to her, and how cool the photos were, but we ended up having a competitive little fun game out of it.

In this case, we loved seeing pictures of our vacation and kids, but why not make a memory game for adults? The first thing that came to mind was turning it into a drinking game, which we might have to do next time.

Also, the thought occurred to me of how this would make a great gift for my mom’s upcoming 70th birthday., or highlights from our wedding. If you have Photoshop, the possibilities are endless of what you could do!

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