shutterfly playing cards review

Shutterfly Playing Cards: Coupons + My Real Review

shutterfly logoShutterfly Playing Cards Review and Coupon: One of the several “games” that Shutterfly offers for customization with your own photos is a deck of playing cards. Choose your own photo and text for the back of a standard size deck of playing cards:

shutterfly playing cards reviews

Shutterfly Playing Cards: A Fun Personalized Game Idea

After the success of making a personalized Shutterfly memory card game, I was inspired to look for more fun games that I could play with our kids. While I love making photo books and Holiday Cards at, the “interactive” element of games really adds something.

One of the more popular options is to customize a deck of playing cards, so let’s see what they are like!

Print a Customized Deck of Playing Cards With Your Own Photo(s)

Shutterfly has a number of design templates including those with a monogram or up to 9 photos, but I went with simple and chose the “one photo” option. Standard playing card size is 2.75 x 3.75“. At that small size, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t pushing it with multiple photos that might end up as small as a postage-stamp in size.

For my deck of cards I chose a meaningful, timeless photo. While a picture of the kids would have been great, I didn’t want my playing cards to be “dated,” as I rarely use them. We have a cottage in our family called, “Lost Creek” that I decided to feature, so on my latest visit I got a good photo for this purpose.

shutterfly playing cards review

Add Your Own Text to Their Custom Playing Cards

After an easy upload of my photo, I was given a few basic optional effects to apply to my image. None of them really added anything in this case, but you do have the option to add text. Shutterfly offers a myriad of fonts for your personalized text, so I found myself spending a lot of time finding the right one.

You can only choose a vertical layout, so if you really want to use a horizontal photo, you’ll have to rotate it before uploading. Your other option is to choose a layout with 2 or more photos.

Lost Creek is a laid back and rustic place, (you’re lucky if the toilet works) so after some trial and error I found a great font to reflect that. The space that you have for text is small, so anything more than about 2 words might be pushing it, especially with certain fonts.

Ok, customizing them was really easy, so on to checkout.

Always Use a Coupon or Promo Code for Shutterfly Playing Cards

If you don’t find a promo code on your order of 4×6 prints it’s not a big deal, but here is an instance where having a good coupon can make or break the viability of your order. The retail price of these playing cards is $20, which is understandable but a little crazy.

I understand that they are printing your photo on the back of all 52 cards, which is logistically expensive, but I still imagine a deck of cards costing under $5. Luckily I was able to find a Shutterfly coupon for 50% off, so adding these cards to my existing order only added $10. That’s more like it!

*I once even saw a groupon for shutterfly playing cards, and more than once they have offered them for free on their on-site promotions page.

shutterfly playing cards coupon

Shutterfly Playing Cards: My Review + Real Customer Reviews

I’m all about saving money and not in a rush, so I chose Shutterfly’s cheapest economy shipping method. The shipping speed was in-line with estimates, and my playing cards arrived 8 days after I placed my order.

The cards came well-packaged, and inside a clear, hard-plastic carrying case. I was really happy with the quality of the cards, which are printed full-bleed (right up to and over the edges) and come with rounded corners.

The photo on the back of the cards is vibrant and detailed, and the custom text is clear and legible.

The faces of the playing cards are not as visually impressive as a pack of the premium Hoyle or Bicycle brand playing cards that you are probably used to. They look a little more simplistic, which is not really a big issue.

*Tip: Each design template for playing cards on features a list of customer reviews. Definitely read these reviews before placing an order to get feedback from real customers.

shutterfly playing cards review

Print Playing Cards With Your Own Photos: A Great Gift Idea for the Right Occasion

shutterfly logoAt the beginning of the Holiday season we keep our eyes open for fun, inexpensive gift ideas for stocking-stuffers, and these playing cards fit the bill. I can think of a number of ideas for when you could use these as giveaways, the obvious ones being as gifts or favors for wedding party.

I imagine you could also send out a deck of these to close family in lieu of traditional holiday cards, While they cost significantly more, they should get good use for years.

The $10+ price tag (after coupon code) makes it prohibitive to print them as promotional or marketing giveaways, but as a gift or for the right occasion, these are are great!

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