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Shutterfly Puzzles: New Coupons + My Real Review

shutterfly logoShutterfly Puzzle Coupon & Review: So, you may be familiar with personalized puzzles made from your photos at; in which case, just check below for links to today’s best coupons. They are a great, personalized, low-tech gift option, please read the review of my order.

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My Review; Shutterfly Is Best, Inexpensive Way to Make a Puzzle With Your Own Photos

I’ve been on a kick lately, ordering every kind of interactive game that I can from Shutterfly. I’m having a ball writing these reviews on fun games like Shutterfly memory games, playing cards, and now puzzles. I think the appeal is that you can personalize games with photos of your family, adding a whole new dimension and level of interest for the family.

While my instinct is to usually buy gifts like toys and games on Amazon without much thought, these interactive Shutterfly photo gifts are a nice hybrid of photos and games. The personalization adds a degree of thoughtfulness that store-bought gifts sometimes are lacking

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Shutterfly Puzzles: OK, On With the Review Already!

Sorry, I had to lay out my thoughts first before commencing with the review. So, bottom line, photo puzzles are now my favorite personalized game from Shutterfly. And why is that? It’s because it’s a brilliant gift idea with your photos printed at the same quality as a puzzle bought from the store.

It’s funny; I opened the package from Shutterfly and put the box on the kitchen table with the intent of putting it together that evening. While I was in my office, the kids found it and started putting it together as soon as they saw it. So, when I walked in, I found a quiet room containing three kids from age 5 to 10 diligently piecing together the 60 piece puzzle.

It didn’t stay quiet for too long, though, as soon I heard them saying things like, “look, Connor, I have your head on this piece!” or, “look, there I am!” The puzzle that I made was a group of 3 photos from our California vacation, and there was also more than one memory sparked during the activity.

shutterfly photo puzzle review

  • How good is the print quality? Hopefully you can tell from the photo, but the photo quality is awesome! The quality of these puzzles is literally so good that it looks just like a mass-produced store puzzle. The puzzles are printed “full bleed,” meaning that the printing goes right up to and over the edges, so you don’t have any annoying white boarder around the outside.
  • How big are Shutterfly puzzles? All puzzles are 10×14″ when assembled.
  • How many pieces? You can choose between 60 or 252 pieces. Choose 60 for kids, and either for adults
  • How many photos can you use? Shutterfly has a number of options for puzzle design templates. Choose between 1-17 photos. I’m a fan of seeing detail, so for me 1-3 photos is perfect

shutterfly puzzle review

In a sense I think these puzzles are a lot like an interactive version of Shutterfly’s photo books, which are also great.While it’s unfair to really compare photo books and puzzles, the puzzle lends it’s self to being much more interactive. The kids like when we read them photo books, but they would never walk up to one and just start reading. If they did, I might be a little nervous that they spill something on it, or bend pages.

Their puzzle templates also have optional fixed or custom text, and a couple of them feature monograms. (If you want inspiration, or puzzle design ideas, check out shutterfly on There are also good DIY photo puzzle design ideas too!)

Also, the little box that holds the puzzle can be put on your game shelf, or taken on a vacation easily, and put together in about 20 minutes or so with the kids.

I Recommend the 60 Piece Puzzle, as They Are Better for Kids

I wasn’t sure whether to get the 60 piece puzzle or the 252 piece option, and I’m really glad I went with the 60 piece option!  Shutterfly says that the puzzles are for ages 3+, which must be for the 60 piece option, as no child under age 8 or so should attempt to put together the tiny pieces of the 252 piece puzzle. Also, the 60 piece puzzle looks better, and has fewer lines going through your photos. Note: Sites like Snapfish only offer the 252 piece puzzle option.

Here’s  what the difference between 60 and 252 pieces would look like on a sample puzzle design:

shutterfly puzzle number of pieces

One more advantage to the 60 piece puzzle is that you are less likely to lose any of the pieces because they are larger!

Always Use a Coupon or Promo Code: You’ll Get up to a 60% Discount or Free Shipping!

There are always a number of promo codes available that are good either site-wide or for specific products, so not using one is just lazy!

The retail price for puzzles at is about $30, so when you add the price of shipping, it’s expensive! Fear not, because there is always a coupon available for up to a 50% discount or free shipping with no minimum on your order. Apply the promo code, and now you should save at least 20% on your personalized photo puzzle.

Look for a Free Puzzle Coupon at

If you aren’t in a rush, check the top coupons on frequently, as they usually have at least one promotion for a free photo gift, just paying the cost of shipping. I got lucky and found a coupon for a free puzzle, so the one I ordered for this review only cost about $9 total, including shipping! (Freebies don’t ship free)

You Can Create a Personalized Disney Puzzle on

shutterfly disney princess puzzle

We go to Disney every year, and we always upload the photos to Shutterfly after the trip. More than once we’ve opted for the (expensive) option for the Disney Memory Maker. If you are shelling out $169 for the Memory Maker, you better be making some memories with your photos!

My favorite thing to do is to just design my own puzzle with 3 favorite photos, but they also offer custom Disney puzzle design options as well. I’m not a huge fan, but I think the Frozen one is the nicest.

shutterfly disney puzzle

There Are Reviews & Ratings Under Every Puzzle Template Option on Shutterfly

Remember, you can click through real user reviews directly on the Shutterfly site along with star ratings. The number of reviews is displayed as a link, so you can immediately see how many reviews are available for each, as well as the popularity of each design. The most popular puzzle designs have over 100 reviews!

More Options for Making a Custom Photo Puzzle Online

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