Star Wars Force Awakens: 20% Off Birthday Express Party Supplies

birthday express logoParty favors for Star Wars the Force Awakens: “I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more wookiee!” – Han Solo

Whether you’re having a birthday party for your kids, or just getting dressed up for a showing of Star Wars Episode 7, Birthday Express has a wide range of party favors, costumes, and balloons for your event.

Star Wars 7 Force Awakens Cheap Party Favors, Plates, Napkins, & Cups on Clearance

star_wars birthday express party supplies

Now that the whole Frozen birthday party theme craze has taken a rest (until the sequel!) kids have moved on from trolls to wookiees. When you click above you can apply a site-wide coupon for Birthday Express good towards all themes including Star Wars Episode 7 party supplies and favors.

Remember, not only do kids like plates (to eat off of the faces of their favorite Star Wars heroes) cups, balloons, and napkins, but all the other good stuff that makes the birthday party complete too.

How About a Star Wars Force Awakens Pinata to Relieve Frustration?

star wars force awakens pinatas

Did you feel helpless when you watched The Force Awakens, wishing you could take out a wooden stick and give Kylo Ren and the storm troopers a beating until candy fell out of their bodies? Well, you’re in luck because Birthday Express has added pinatas to their collection of Force Awakens party supplies!

Actually, the pinatas are double-sided, so kids can choose to whack members of the Rebel Alliance (Chewbacca, Finn, Rey, BB-8) or the Dark Side, depending on their affiliation. They have both regular and “giant” sizes of pinatas.

Star Wars Episode 7: Force Awakens Cheap Birthday Invitations & Thank You Cards

force awakens cheap party invitations

star wars force awakens thank you cards
THANK YOU! Now I’m going to shoot that kid who didn’t bring a gift…

Hopefully your kids won’t be inspired by the poor family values of the Dark Side and plunge a light saber through your chest when they don’t get what they want. (Hey, it’s what Darth Vader and Han Solo’s kids did, right?)

Since we live in a society that diagnoses all those anti-social conditions and treats them with pharmaceuticals well before they turn violent, you can go a ahead and encourage your kids to join the Dark Side.

They can also invite their friends join them with these cheap, quality Force Awakens Kylo Ren party invitations. Speaking of values and manners, if you’re throwing a Star Wars Birthday Party, don’t be a smelly wookiee and forget the Thank You cards!

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Star Wars: Force Awakens Birthday Party Balloons & Favors

star wars land cruiser balloons
Land Cruiser party ballons

There are lots of options for long-lasting foil ballons for a Star Wars themed birthday party at Whoa, check out that large creepy Kylo Ren balloon. If I saw that at a child’s birthday party I’d be terrified at first!

The balloons come with curling ribbons and balloon weights so that they don’t float away to Naboo.

*Note, all balloons ship flat and require inflation on your end. You can usually get them to fill these with helium at a local party store or supermarket.

Star Wars Party Favors & supplies at Birthday Express: Clearance Sale & Coupon

There aren’t many movies that are a more fun experience than Star Wars. In fact, when I saw The Force Awakens it was totally sold out and the crowd cheered for all the favorite characters. (and even booed Kylo Ren) Bring some of that fun to your own birthday party with inexpensive party favors and supplies at Just click one of our exclusive deals to apply a store-wide coupon code for up to a 20% discount or free shipping.


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