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5 Tips for Planning a Promotional Event to Remember

The market is over-saturated with promotions and Americans are getting tired of them. It’s important to have an effective, memorable promotional event that people won’t view as a ploy to garner revenue.

However, to make it memorable, a substantial amount of planning needs to go into your event.

Regardless of what kind of event you are going for, start planning in advance. You need to spend ample time executing the details to make your event an enticing one.

Enlist those with practical knowledge about what’s being promoted. Create a budget, and then come up with creative ideas to make your event extraordinary.

Have no fear, a few tips to creating an incredible event are here.

Let’s get into it!

1. Know Your Limits

Your goal is to throw a memorable promotional event, not an Oscar party. Be self-aware and understand what you can and cannot realistically do. Use a budget and a timeframe to keep yourself in check.

If you are throwing an event with only one week of advance notice, then prepare for an intimate event. If you want to throw a huge bash, then you need to start prepping for it months in advance.

Take stock of how much you have to spend. If you’ve got some money to throw around, then consider having your event staffed. Add a cool element like ice cream catering or provide a large barbecue at the event.

If you don’t have a huge budget, then get creative. You can still make your event memorable with great signage and some DIY decor possibilities.

2. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Gather your team together and decide on your main goal and purpose for throwing the event. Every decision you make after that should support your ultimate goal.

Is your goal to create lead generation? Or are you just trying to make people aware of your product? When it comes to a promotional event, make sure your team is aware of the purpose.

3. Be Flexible

Be ready for sudden changes. Nothing is worse than a party that isn’t prepared for uncertain weather or venue issues. Have a backup plan that will flow naturally and perfectly with the vision you have in place.

Certain things are unavoidable when throwing a promotional event. Deal with them quickly, make the necessary changes, and call for your well-crafted backup plan.

4. Clear The Schedule

Do not plan your big event on a weekend when other substantial events are going on.

Check your calendar and make sure it isn’t falling around a holiday or during a popular vacation time. This little step can help make sure as many people as possible are able to attend.

5. Make A List for Your Promotional Event

It’s hard to remember everything, especially when there are a million details involved with your event. Make a list that covers everything required to ensure your event is a success.

From content to lighting, from transportation to dessert, make a list and check it twice. Assign someone on your team to make sure every item on the list is completed prior to your event.

Print out your list and keep it with you at all times. While you’re at it, also print out your goals, purpose, and your backup plan on a small card that your planning team can keep with them at all times.

Promotional Events That Work

Remember, a memorable event is a beautiful event. For discounts, tips, and tricks for fantastic event promotional pieces, we’re your go-to source.

Check out our advice on how to turn your next gathering into a stress-free success!

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5 Brilliant Swag Bag Ideas for New Startups

Are you and your start-up colleagues about to embark on your first-ever trade show?

Have you considered what you are going to give away to your event attendees?

If there is one ultimate truth, it’s that people love free stuff. Regardless of what product or service you’re promoting or selling, people always appreciate walking away with a SWAG bag.

If you don’t know what a SWAG bag is – it stands for “stuff we all get.” It’s event jargon for promotional freebies. However, coming up with good swag bag ideas isn’t always easy.

It’s important to go beyond the standard pens with your brand name on them. If you’re looking to come up with something that makes you stand out from the crowd, rather than offering free key chains, take note of these brilliant swag bag ideas.

people swag giveaways

Why Great Swag Bag Ideas Matter?

You might think that giving away free stuff doesn’t make business sense.

But swag bags can help to create a memorable experience for event attendees while also getting your name out there with branded items.

However, in order to achieve the desired effect, your swag bags need to be put together in the right way and contain some fantastic goods.

We’re here to help you brainstorm and inspire creativity with your swag bag ideas. Let’s take a look at the top 5 brilliant swag bag ideas for your new startup events.

1. Notebooks

Despite the unstoppable march of tablets, computers and smartphones, there is nothing like a good, old-fashioned notebook at a trade event.

In fact, research shows that if you write something down with a pen and paper, you’re more likely to retain it at a later stage.

And in times as busy as these, people are endlessly needing to scribble down “to do lists” and thoughts.

At trade events, people are attending workshops, talks and gatherings all the time. Notebooks are a great place to jot down brief questions and lines of inquiry.

If your budget can afford it, you should consider adding your logo on the front of the notebook.

This way everyone who has encountered you at the event will be displaying your logo and spreading your message as they walk around. This is excellent marketing.

And if you’re looking at the premium swag bag option, you may consider the Moleskine’s Evernote notebook edition. This option allows your guests to integrate their notes with Evernote’s note-taking app on a smartphone.

2. Re-useable Bottles

Re-usable plastic bottles are great for swag bags because they are not expensive and they are usually very popular among event goers too!

If you want to present yourself as an eco-friendly and sustainable company or you’re at a green event, then re-usable bottles certainly show off your green credentials.

Better yet, attending an event can be thirsty work, so giving attendees somewhere to keep their water and stay hydrated will surely be appreciated.

It’s also possible to brand a re-usable bottle with witty slogans or your company logo too. Branded products are always great giveaways to promote your start-up.

3. USB Adapters and Chargers

The kind of people who attend trade events are often regularly on the road or traveling.

While traveling around, there is always the worry that your smartphone may run out of battery or your laptop might die. Because of this, USB chargers are always a useful tool to have lying around.

Instead of providing people with something useless that they will probably never use or will throw away as soon as they’ve left the event, a better option is to offer useful chargers or adapters. By doing this, you can be sure they’ll come in handy.

However, when choosing which type of charger or adapter to go with, it’s best to opt for a product that is versatile and can be used with any device.

Of course, that includes Apple products that require particular adapters and chargers. However, this can be easier said than done!

4. Umbrellas

Everyone has experienced being caught in the rain without an umbrella. Because of this attendees will always appreciate a freebie, branded umbrella.

If your event happens to take place on a rainy day, you’ll be the most popular start-up around if you are giving away swag bags with umbrellas!

Free umbrellas symbolize that your company is prepared for the unexpected. That’s a positive image to convey for backers and customers.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I have too many umbrellas?” No, but that’s because you really can’t have too many. Especially if you’re from a rainy place.

And again, if you can afford to print your logo on the umbrellas, even people in high-rise buildings will get to know your brand and message.

5. Interesting Snacks and Food

It’s a well-known fact that there’s nothing that attracts people more than delicious free food. At events and conferences, people are often hungry and always on the lookout for a tasty snack.

However, just giving away average food isn’t going to do anything more than ease someone’s appetite. You should provide people with food that starts off conversations about your start-up or offers something unique.

Although they won’t last long, food items have the ability to attract people and get them talking about your brand. Try to come up with snacks and food items that people will connect with your business, making them want to find out more.

Final Thoughts

These are the top swag bag ideas that can help you create a unique goody bag to get people talking about your brand and leaving you with a smile.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, swag bags are an investment in the future of your start-up. And there are always some freebies that you can afford to give away.

When considering what to include in your swag bag, think about the target audience and who’s attending the event. What type of goodies would get them talking about you? What would they find useful to have at the event?

These swag bag ideas will make sure you make the event absolutely memorable for your attendees.

promotional printing advice

5 Pieces of Promotional Printing Advice for Your Company’s Next Event

It seems like as soon as someone says the words ‘business event’ people’s hearts drop. While many employees dread these events, they don’t have to be too rough.

In fact, when done right, they can be extremely beneficial. Companies that attend business events get their name out in the public for a fraction of the price of traditional advertising costs.

But how can you keep your company’s name on the client’s mind after they’ve left? With the right promotional material!

Here’s some printing advice to keep in mind for your next business event.

1. Plan Ahead

Let’s face it, not everyone has that creative flair that’s needed for designing ad material. And there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Accordingly, you’ll want to plan ahead. Schedule a meeting a few weeks before the event. Discuss what types of products you’d like to use ahead of time and how you’ll go about securing the goods.

Then, do some brainstorming and come up with a great design. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong here. Just make sure it’s something that you’re proud to put your business’s name on and giveaway.

2. Bring Different Types of Promotional Materials

What’s the right kind of promotional material? Trick question, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all material.

Ideally, you’ll want to bring at least a few various types of goods along to the event. And make sure you’ve got plenty of everything! You don’t want people to go away empty handed.

Even fliers or pamphlets are great to bring along.

3. Make Your Goods Practical

Whatever you’re bringing to the event, make sure it’s something that clients can actually use. Nobody wants useless junk that’s just going to sit around their house.

Things like pens, t-shirts, and draw-string bags are all popular for good reason: people use them. Think about the most commonly used goods and see how you can use them in your promotional printing.

Pens, in particular, are a great choice, as they’re cost-effective and actually helpful. For more info, check out About Pens– they’ve got a great selection.

4. Always Ask For a Sample

Finding the right supplier can be really difficult, so here’s a bit of printing advice that’s bound to save you some stress. Make sure to always ask for a sample product before agreeing to any price.

Be sure that you’re working with a company that’s capable of providing a strong product on time.

printing color ideas

5. Color Psychology Matters

Whether we realize it or not, the colors used in promotional materials matter. Quite a bit, in fact. After all, each color has its own distinct meaning and connotation.

Make sure to do a bit of research before committing to a particular color. Not only should your colors attract attention, but they should be used in a way that they elicit a feeling.

Warmer colors like yellows and oranges bring about nicer, gentler feelings. In contrast, harsher colors like maroon and dark blue have more negative connotations. It’s important that you think about the message you’re sending.

Printing Advice and Help For Your Business

It’s important to have the right signage and materials for your event, so be sure to follow the list above! By following these 5 printing advice tips, you’re sure to attract more customers.

Have any questions or want to get some printed materials of your own? Be sure to check out our coupons! We offer all sorts of fantastic savings on products from trusted companies like Vistaprint!

open house invites

The Power of an Open House Invitation to Attract Buyers

An open house literally invites potential buyers into the home they’re considering.

This is a great way to attract buyers and ultimately make the sale. With a traditional open house invitation, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get your home sold.

What is it about the invitation to an open house that makes all the difference? We’ll break it down for you here.

4 Reasons You Need an Open House Invitation

1. Target the Right People

With a traditional invitation, as opposed to something like an online post, you can outreach the kinds of customers you know would be interested in your home.

An open house is great, but it’s even better if the people coming are the type who are likely to want that house. Use invitations to market to the perfect audience, and your home will sell much faster.

2. Send Out Newsletters

An open house invitation can help you get in touch with potential leads.

Once you know who they are, you can also connect them with a real estate newsletter with the information they’ll want to have. Emails and mailings are both good options for newsletters.

This open house, and any others coming up, can be mentioned in the newsletter, as well as some general realtor tips to help pique their interest.

A newsletter announcement has a homey, neighborhood-like feel that can make potential buyers already feel a bit more at “home.”

*25% off coupon for marketing  / real estate postcards from Vistaprint

3. Get Their Foot in the Door

The whole point of the open house invitation is to get potential buyers to come see the house for themselves.

The power of getting them in the door can’t be denied. It’s much more likely that they’ll be able to see themselves living there once they’re experienced the home firsthand.

You can use pictures online and in the invitation to get them interested. For some, being there in person will clinch the deal when it’s just like they imagined it; or even better, in person.

4. Make a Home-like Atmosphere

When hosting an open house, you have the power to really make the guests feel at home. This ensures that the above impression has the most power possible.

Little touches can help make the experience feel like a cozy house party, not a professional event. Add home-like decorations, put out snacks, and even play some relaxing music during the event.

The invitation should be a preview to this atmosphere. You can describe the event and what will be offered in a way that makes the attendees feel at home. The power of an invitation includes everything from text to visuals, so design accordingly.

Start Attracting Buyers Now

With a great invitation, the buyers will show up primed to think about making a purchase.

Just as with any invitation to an event, the open house invitation itself has a lot of power. Whether you want the feel of the event to be formal or casual, exciting or laid back, make sure the invitation reflects that.

The perfect invitation that will set the stage for a sale, so don’t wait – design one today.

custom printed packaging

Unboxing Success: Shipping With Custom Printed Packaging

There’s nothing quite like receiving a package.

You take one look at the gorgeous box and know instantly that you’re going to love seeing what’s inside.

This kind of excitement is exactly why custom printed packaging is so important for any business. Without that branding, you lose out on a great advertisement.

People also love to share these “unboxing” experiences on social media sites. This only broadens the reach of your brand.

But what kinds of things should you include in such a package? How do you give your customers the best experience?

Continue reading to find out!

Get Creative

custom packaging print

It’s all about having fun and looking good while doing it. If you have fun designing your packages, then your customers will have fun opening them.

Go bold with the colors. Make the box look like one of your products to hint at what’s inside. Try out different colors of tape instead of just the clear stuff.

You could choose to involve your entire staff. Or, you could get a hold of custom printed a packaging designer to ask for their professional help.

The possibilities are endless. Always remember: the more unique and brand-specific you can get, the better.

Presentation Matters

You can’t just think about the outward appearance of the box. You should make the inside look just as good.

Find a layout that shows off all of your included products in the best way. You could add some things to liven it up.

Maybe include some crinkled colored paper to make it feel like a party when your customers open up the box. Or, you could cover up your products with some tissue paper to make it feel more like a present that they get to open.

Give Out Some Freebies

Everyone loves free things. Including a couple of extra goodies for your customers will not only excite them. It will also make them feel cared for and appreciated.

Some great ideas to include would be little candies or trial versions of your products. Free samples are always nice. Plus, they can get your customers hooked on a product they might not have otherwise tried.

Personal Touches

Include with the package something that gives the custom printed packaging a bit of extra flair. Something that makes it feel more like a present from a friend, rather than from a faceless company.

Adding in some extra things like thank you notes or your customized business card could be just the thing to make your package really feel special.

Custom Printed Packaging Helps Your Product Shine

It is vital that businesses don’t forget about printed advertising.

These kinds of packages are one of the best ways to give your customers a great experience while still promoting your product. Plus, they can be a lot of fun to put together for you and your staff. It’s like getting to send a little present to your customers.

Have you created or received a package like this before? Let us know about it in a comment below!

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Trade Show Giveaways: 5 Ideas to Move Beyond the Pen

We’ve all gotten a million pens from a trade show. We use them, but do we look at the brand? Probably not. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but consider these 5 trade show giveaways instead if you want to be memorable!

Recent studies show that nearly 80% of those who attend trade shows say that the booths and brands they visit while there directly inform their buying choices.

If you’re representing your company at an upcoming trade show, you need to know how to ensure that your brand sticks in the minds of every attendee who approaches your booth.

One of the best ways to do that? By offering unique trade show giveaways! Read on to learn five of the best ways to build your brand, connect with your target market, and close deals at your next trade show!

1. Branded Key Rings

Think about how many times a day you reach for your car keys. Wouldn’t it be great if your market was reminded of your brand every time they started their car or unlocked their front door?

Trade show swag experts like Master Cast can create key rings with your company’s name, logo, and even contact information clearly printed on it! You’ll always be within reach of your clients.

2. Lip Balm

The most effective trade show giveaways are items that your market will use frequently. Enter branded lip balm, which works especially well for female-oriented brands.

If you’re a cosmetics company, you can also offer a sample of your latest product to get your customers hooked. This strategy would also work well for outdoors-oriented brands, whose customers will likely need to take care of their lips after a long day of camping or skiing down mountains!

Plus, lip balm is an incredibly affordable giveaway option.

3. Durable Water Bottles

Looking for a giveaway option that will keep your brand in the minds of your customers long after the trade show ends? 

Enter re-usable water bottles, this generation’s version of the ever-popular tote bag. In a world increasingly focused on health and wellness, encouraging your market to stay hydrated is an easy win. You might even include a friendly reminder to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

After all, that’s 8-10 opportunities for your market to see your logo and remember your company!

4. Breath Mints

These are swag/giveaway items that attendees often need, but forget to buy for themselves.

Especially at a trade show, when attendees are constantly meeting new people and attempting to make connections, branded breath mints are sure to be a popular item.

Plus, offering one to someone is a great way to start a conversation about everything your company has to offer.

5. USB Chargers

If you cater to today’s tech-obsessed world, you prove to customers that you’re always anticipating their needs.

Even better? 

It’s highly likely that attendees will actually use your branded USB chargers during the trade show itself, helping you to further the buzz around your company! *Vistaprint has USB chargers & drives for only $18 each, and an extra 25% off when you use a coupon!

Take Your Trade Show Giveaways to the Next Level

trade show marketing giveaways2

Thanks to the 5 epic trade show giveaways listed here, you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression on consumers and broaden your current market.

Looking for more ways to kick your printed and promotional materials up a notch? Want more tips on how to blow your competition out of the water — and take their customers with you?

Keep checking back with our blog to ensure that your brand — or any occasion you’re celebrating — is impossible to forget!

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5 Reasons Small Business Marketing Can’t Forget About Print

Why Small Business Marketing Can’t Forget About Print

Digital this, digital that – seems like the small business marketing has forgotten about print. But print rules, and we’re sharing how to get crazy ROI. The digital age is in full swing and many people assume print media is dead.

It’s not an unreasonable assumption. Advertisers are increasingly turning to online platforms as falling subscription rates turn newspapers into relics of the past. That makes sense, but even though there are online wallets and bitcoin, people still like something they can hold in their hands. 

A study by Global Web Index found that Internet users consume over 50 percent of their media online, with TV being the next most popular medium.

There’s no longer doubt that the Internet is a great way to quickly and effectively disseminate media.

However, print media still serves specific niches better than online media. Specifically, print media is important in markets where trust and face-to-face interaction still thrive.

We’re talking sales, marketing, and traditional business sectors that are entrenched with corporate culture dating back generations. Small businesses in these markets need to supplement their online media with print if they hope to maximize success.

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons small business marketing cannot forget about print media.

local print advertising

Small Business Marketing is Local

Small businesses usually exist to serve the local market. They’re targeting consumers that live within a certain range.

Location-centric marketing means money spent on Internet ad campaigns that maynot reach the intended audience.

Yes, Google offers location targeted ads, but Google’s location service isn’t entirely accurate.

Search Engine Land found that only 55 percent of Google users were correctly located with zero error. With an allocation of 25 miles error, that number only rose to 67 percent.

For local marketing, return on investment relies on accurately distributing advertisements. GPS based Internet ads don’t offer enough accuracy to make the grade.

Print fixes this issue. Advertisements mailed door-to-door or delivered by hand ensure only those within a targeted radius receive the ad media. It also puts something in people’s hands which doesn’t disappear into the ether after a few seconds.

No money is wasted on people from other towns or states who won’t utilize the local business. While online press releases (get a coupon) make a ton of sense in most cases, most end up deleted or in spam folders; never seeing the light of day.

In fact, at as little as 3 cents each, it’s usually much less expensive to buy cheap business cards than to pay for clicks online. In fact, you might be able to get 10 business cards into people’s hands for the same price as one targeted click using Google Adwords!

Print Is Trusted By The Rich

Successful local businesses mustcater to high-value markets.

The more money targeted consumers have, the better chance they’re willing to spend slightly more and support local business, or pay for the conveniences local businesses can offer.

Research suggests that high net worth individuals are more likely to engage with, and trust print advertising over digital ads.

It speaks to the entrenched culture of distrusting things read on the Internetand is something small businesses should capitalize on. A well-designed business card or postcard is likely to influence high net worth individuals more than a Google ad.

Higher net worth individuals also skew towards old age.A longer life means more opportunity forearningpotential. Older adults are also more likely than younger individuals to consumeprint media.

Small businesses that use print media to target older individuals are likely to capitalize on a relevant market, and high net worth individuals, from the same advertising campaign.

large business advertising slow

Large Businesses Adapt Slowly

Interaction on a personal level remains important in acorporate culture. It’s the reason interviews aren’t conducted strictly over the Internet, and that a handshake is still commonplace.

People in a corporate setting don’t hand each other a cellphone to share data, and they don’t type their phone number into a colleague’s phone,but insteadhand out business cards.

The emphasis on physical interaction maystem fromstudies that show touching physical objects results in an increased connection to those objects.

Print media is tangible, and objects like business cards and sales sheets can endear themselves to whoever holds them. Small businesses shouldmarket b2b sales to corporate entities by using the corporate culture of print media against them.

Old Habits Die Hard

Even people who are fully connected to the Internet still consume print media on a daily basis. Printcontentis not dying as fast as we’re told.

Print advertisingis still everywhere. Billboards, mail flyers, coupon books, and even in the grocery store. One main advantage that print has over digital media is print’s ability to exist in physical space.

Print ads can stand in a grocery store for months on end, exposing themselves to new customers, while also reminding old customers of their existence.

Print media is also unavoidable. Ad-blocking programs can remove small businesses’ valuable advertisements from an Internet user’s view. However, no one can ignore a postcard sent directly to their door.

When return on investment is important, print guarantees that advertisements garner attention.

print advertising ideas

The Internet Lies

The Internet as we know it has existed only around 20 years old. A large majority of the population watched the Internet blossom from its original inception into the information goldmine that it is today.

These same people also grew up with their parents telling them “not to believe everything you read on the Internet.”

It’s a mindset that entrenches itself into even generations bornafter the Internet gained popularity. Distrust of the Internet stems from real world use. People write false statements on social media and blog posts all the time.

Children are told to questions these avenues of information, and rightly so.

It’s not surprising then, that Nielsen reports found that print publications were trusted by 67 percent of all U.S. adults. Tangible print advertisements with resonate with the public more than something found on the internet.

Small Businesses Can Have Faith

Print media is still a trusted, and therefore valuable, form of media to spread your message. It’s an important compliment to whatever you’re doing online, and can help send people to your website.

Don’t discount print advertising just because newspapers are dead. In fact, the print media that does still exist is more than viable for advertising.

In certain markets, and indeed in parts of the general population, print media is still a trust, respected, and valued part of the spectrum of media people consume on a daily basis.

To succeed in small business marketing, online advertising, and print advertising should work in unison to attract the largest number of customers possible. No businesses should limit its opportunities for exposure.

If you like what you see, be sure to check back later for more awesome deals!

Ideas & coupons to compliment your marketing strategy with print:

vistaprint yard signs coupon

Vistaprint Custom Yard Signs: New Coupon for Up to 25% Off

vistaprint logo smallCoupons for Yard Signs from Vistaprint“Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs. Messin’ up the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?” – Signs; The Five Man Electrical Band

While lawn signs may make your average “long-haired freaky people” angry, there are, in fact, there are dozens of uses for them. Whether you’re a contractor, or just throwing a birthday party, these personalized lawn signs are affordable and practical. Be sure to take advantage of a coupon below, giving you up to an extra 25% discount and free shipping on your custom printing entire order:

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vistaprint lawn signsWombat enlarged to show texture

Cheap custom printed lawn signs from – wombat not included

You don’t have to be in a contentious local election to benefit from using lawn signs to get people’s attention. In fact, while it’s debatable whether those political lawn signs work, there’s no doubt that they’re good for generating new business for contractors and small businesses. Available in small (18×12″) or large (27×18″) size, you can customize a design template or use your own complete design featuring your logo, photos, and text.

Can you give me ideas for using lawn signs to get new business?

landscaping yard signSure; here are a few ideas for how you can use yard signs to benefit your own small business:

  • Contractor / Construction Lawn Signs“Turn a job site into a billboard.” While stamping your logo on the foreheads of neighborhood children is usually frowned upon, it’s almost always acceptable to put a temporary sign in their yard while you are doing work for their parents. Whether you are a landscaping service, handyman, or a contractor doing home improvement or renovation project, these signs are great for getting more potential business in the area. (I recommend the large size)
  • Retail or small business lawn signs – If you have a store, why not have lawn signs printed to advertise a sale or featured products to bring customers in off the street? All of that foot traffic going by your store could be potential business with a catchy lawn sign. *Note that if you are going to use Lindsay Lohan’s likeness on the sign, you’re going to need her permission
  • Yard Signs for Childcare or Daycare – If you have an educational business such as a daycare or childcare center, you’ll want to get the word out to parents in the neighborhood. These inexpensive personalized lawn signs do just that, and they even have a number of templates specifically for educational purposes.
  • Birthday Parties and Events – While putting a couple of balloons outside of your house is often an effective way to show people which house is having the birthday party, sometimes you need to convey more information. If your event is open to the public, (like a trunk show, realtor open house, wine tasting, massage parlor, or jewelry party) you can even encourage others to join you. *Tip: If you do offer massages, previous training of some sort is recommended.
  • Political / Election lawn signs – As I mentioned before, I’m not really sure if these signs really influence votes, but the fact is that in November of an election year, they pop up like weeds all around town. If you are going to have them printed, you may as well get a good deal at Vistaprint!

Site-wide coupons work towards all sizes of yard signs

So, how big are Vistaprint’s yard signs? Available in 2 standard sizes, you can get small which is 18 inches wide by 12 inches tall, or large, which is printed at 27 inches wide, and 18 inches tall.

Although you may find lawn signs occasionally featured on Vistaprint’s weekly specials page, it’s much more likely that a “site-wide” coupon will be your best bet for getting the best price. New customers usually qualify for the best coupons, you can usually find a code for up to an extra 25% discount from our featured promotions page here.

If you’re going to the trouble of ordering one or more of these lawn signs, consider adding a car door magnet to your order for increased mileage on your marketing dollars. You’ll also save on shipping charges if you combine the order, or get free shipping on your first order as a new customer.