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5 Tips for Planning a Promotional Event to Remember

The market is over-saturated with promotions and Americans are getting tired of them. It’s important to have an effective, memorable promotional event that people won’t view as a ploy to garner revenue.

However, to make it memorable, a substantial amount of planning needs to go into your event.

Regardless of what kind of event you are going for, start planning in advance. You need to spend ample time executing the details to make your event an enticing one.

Enlist those with practical knowledge about what’s being promoted. Create a budget, and then come up with creative ideas to make your event extraordinary.

Have no fear, a few tips to creating an incredible event are here.

Let’s get into it!

1. Know Your Limits

Your goal is to throw a memorable promotional event, not an Oscar party. Be self-aware and understand what you can and cannot realistically do. Use a budget and a timeframe to keep yourself in check.

If you are throwing an event with only one week of advance notice, then prepare for an intimate event. If you want to throw a huge bash, then you need to start prepping for it months in advance.

Take stock of how much you have to spend. If you’ve got some money to throw around, then consider having your event staffed. Add a cool element like ice cream catering or provide a large barbecue at the event.

If you don’t have a huge budget, then get creative. You can still make your event memorable with great signage and some DIY decor possibilities.

2. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Gather your team together and decide on your main goal and purpose for throwing the event. Every decision you make after that should support your ultimate goal.

Is your goal to create lead generation? Or are you just trying to make people aware of your product? When it comes to a promotional event, make sure your team is aware of the purpose.

3. Be Flexible

Be ready for sudden changes. Nothing is worse than a party that isn’t prepared for uncertain weather or venue issues. Have a backup plan that will flow naturally and perfectly with the vision you have in place.

Certain things are unavoidable when throwing a promotional event. Deal with them quickly, make the necessary changes, and call for your well-crafted backup plan.

4. Clear The Schedule

Do not plan your big event on a weekend when other substantial events are going on.

Check your calendar and make sure it isn’t falling around a holiday or during a popular vacation time. This little step can help make sure as many people as possible are able to attend.

5. Make A List for Your Promotional Event

It’s hard to remember everything, especially when there are a million details involved with your event. Make a list that covers everything required to ensure your event is a success.

From content to lighting, from transportation to dessert, make a list and check it twice. Assign someone on your team to make sure every item on the list is completed prior to your event.

Print out your list and keep it with you at all times. While you’re at it, also print out your goals, purpose, and your backup plan on a small card that your planning team can keep with them at all times.

Promotional Events That Work

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How to Organize Perfect Corporate Events

Making sure that your corporate event goes off without a hitch is a science.

And, like any experiment, it can be hard to pin down the steps you need to take.

The best corporate gatherings are well-planned, sophisticated, and serve a specific purpose. If they do this, team-building will come as a natural side effect.

Tips to Planning the Perfect Corporate Events

Stick To Your Budget

Rule number one: set a budget, and stick to it. Most corporate events that go over budget do so unnecessarily. It’s the job of the event planner to ensure that there are no excessive costs.

Planning a budget can also give you a framework through which you can decide which essential features to have at your event. You’ll be able to quickly separate intentional spending from wasteful spending.

A budget is the first thing you should finalize, because it can set useful boundaries for your event as a whole.

There are many things to consider when planning a budget, but your main responsibility should be delivering an event that your guest will rave about.

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Promote The Event

It is also important that you promote your corporate gathering.

If your event will only have one company present, make sure that all employees, from executives to entry-level workers, are aware that the event is taking place.

Office administrators or secretaries may be able to publicize the event by sending out reminders or putting up flyers for the event.

Building a favorable word-of-mouth campaign among employees is the best way for your event to have a good turnout. So, make sure that the right people are in the know.

If your event is meant to host a representatives from many companies in the same industry, like for corporate wellness companies, IT security firms, you need to emphasize that this is more than just a party.

Bill it as an opportunity to network and hand out copious business cards.

Give the event a purpose outside of casual mingling, and many more people will want to come to your event.

Have a Contingency Plan

You should always have a plan in case things go wrong. When you’re looking for venues to hold an event, make sure you come up with a long list.

You don’t want to have to cancel or postpone the event just because the venue you want isn’t available. Plan a backup for refreshments as well.

If your caterer falls through for whatever reason, you want to have the contact information of another one ready to go. This way, you will be in a great position to entertain your corporate guests without them noticing that anything is wrong.

Make sure you also work with the venue you choose to develop an optimal safety plan in case you have to deal with any emergencies.

Corporate events typically involve a lot of people, and you want to make sure each person will be able to leave the building safely if anything happens.

Have any more suggestions on how to plan the perfect corporate event? Please leave a comment below and continue the discussion!