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50th anniversary gift

5 Creative Invitation & Gift Ideas for a Golden Anniversary

gold pocket watchSo you’re coming up on your golden anniversary and you want to make it spectacular but you aren’t sure where to start.

Many people like to stick to traditional ideas. Gold is the color for celebrating half a century of love.

As a precious metal, it represents the solidarity of your relationship. After all, what can be more precious, valuable, and timeless than family? And what is more solid than 50 years of wedded bliss?

*Tip: Don’t give BitCoin… it’s too volatile! – ha, ha

This anniversary is one that should be celebrated with everyone who has played an important role in your lives together.

You only get one chance at a good invitation and one chance to get everyone excited to participate, so let’s make it count. Below are some fun ways to get all your relatives involved in this special occasion.

Send Gold Pocket Watches

If you have ever seen Alice in Wonderland, you know the importance of a good timepiece. Pocket watches, in particular, are found in numerous films and literature, and for good reason.

They have a timeless beauty, just like your love.

You can send out gold pocket watches as invitations for your golden anniversary.

They will gently remind your often tardy family members that they are required to be there, on time. Who can be late after receiving such a fine private clock?

Sending Photos for Your Golden Anniversary

50th anniversary invite

If your friends and family are dispersed far and wide, it can be a lot of fun to organize a simultaneous photo theme.

In the same way that many people wear ugly Christmas sweaters in Christmas card photos, you could ask your relatives to dress in period clothing from the decade you were married.

If your relatives prefer something a little less involved, they could send you a Happy 50th Anniversary sign that has traveled the country. It would be accompanied by photos taken at major landmarks near each person’s home.

These are great ways to get other people involved in celebrating your golden anniversary, even if seeing them in person isn’t an option.

Gold Playing Cards

Playing cards are one of the most popular hobbies for the later part of life. They keep you sharp.

If board games and card playing have been things that brought you joy, playing cards will be a very personal anniversary gift.

If gold is a bit ostentatious for you, you can design your own playing cards (coupon here) with whatever images you like. Perhaps an image of the family? Or your dog, if you prefer.

Golden Hair Clips

Hair accessories are truly a luxury good.

We bet you can count on one hand the number of times you have bought yourself anything other than a hair tie or some bobby pins.

Buying a golden hair clip will make you feel like the princess you always knew you were on your golden anniversary.

If your hair has begun to thin, don’t worry, it’s not too late. All you need is a hair thickening shampoo and you will be able to clip it like it’s 1999.

Sending Boxes of Love

One creative and generous couple from Central Coast packed 50 shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, and candy. They sent them to the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Project. This organization has sent more than 15,000 gifts to children in at least 131 countries.

“It was either this or go on a cruise.” Enola Curtis joked when asked about her choice to give to charity.

No Matter What

Your 50th wedding anniversary is a huge accomplishment. No matter how you celebrate, enjoy the blessing of having a life long love.

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kids birthday party invitations

How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Kids

Everyone has different feelings about party planning. Some practically drool over Pinterest decoration ideas, while others feel completely overwhelmed just walking down the birthday aisle at their local craft store.

Regardless of your feelings, we can all agree that we want our kid’s birthday to be an extra special day. A birthday party is a memorable experience that allows your child to feel like king or queen for a day (if they don’t already!) and boost their self-esteem.

But where do you begin?

Keep reading to learn how to plan the perfect birthday party for your kids.

Choose a Theme

Choosing the theme to organize the party around is usually the best place to start.

It will help you narrow down your search for the right invitations, decorations, food, party favors, and games. Of course, you’ll want to consult with your child before deciding on a theme. You’ll also want to consider whether you should purchase the decoration or make your own.

Some themes you may want to consider include:

  • Beach day theme
  • Sports theme
  • Animal adventure theme
  • Dinosaur theme
  • Art theme

Make a Guest List and Invitations

Guest lists for child birthday parties can be a little tricky.

You want your child to invite friends they’ll enjoy spending the day with, but you also want to teach your child the importance of including others. Also, you want to make sure you only invite as many children as you feel comfortable watching.

If your child is older than four, it is best to consult them about who they want to invite.

Mailing out card is a good way to ensure other children don’t feel left out.

Make sure the invitations include all necessary info: contact, directions, and special details like “bring a swimsuit.”

You will also want to consider whether it’s best to make your own cards or purchase the best holiday cards.

*We have coupons for: Snapfish invitations, Vistaprint invitations, and Walgreens Photo cards!


The biggest decision in regards to location is whether or not to have the party at your home or somewhere else.

Throwing a party at home can be super convenient.  But keep in mind, a group of little kids can get very messy.

For a small fee, you can also reserve a spot at a community rec center or local park.


clown birthday partyDepending on your child’s age, an entertainer could be a really big hit.

Before you hire someone local though, consider enlisting a relative, babysitter or close family friend. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince someone to throw on a lab coat and pretend to be a mad scientist who makes a baking soda volcano for the kids.

By the way, kids hate clowns.

Enlist Help

Don’t go at it alone.

Enlisting the help of friends, family, other parents, or babysitters will make the day much easier.

Expect the Unexpected

There will almost certainly be some chaos when you get a group of children together.

To minimize the chaos you can:

  • Make sure there’s always an extra adult who can pull aside a child who is having a meltdown
  • Have first aid, ice packs, and tissues at the ready
  • Be aware of all food allergies and medical conditions
  • Keep pets separate from the guests
  • Allow other siblings to bring a friend over or schedule a play date for them

Kid’s Party: Wrap Up

Remember – planning the party is half the fun.

Enjoy it while you can because pretty soon your kids will be too old and too cool for themed birthdays!

Please drop a comment if you have any questions about planning the perfect party.

wedding divas bachelorette invitations itinerary

12 Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Invitation Ideas: Wedding Paper Divas Coupon

logo wedding paper divas couponIf you’re the maid of honor, it might fall on you to bring the bride’s friends and family together for a memorable bachelorette party.

This party for the bachelorette is going to set the tone for the bridesmaids and the wedding itself, so get it right! Here are some of our favorite designs, as well as money-saving coupons to help you out:

Inexpensive & Classy Invitations for a Bachelorette Party with Custom Itinerary

As the Maid of Honor, your most important duty may be to organize the bride-to-be’s bachelorette party. This often entails bringing together a group of women for a party who’s only thing in common is that they share the bride as a friend or family member. They may not have even previously met, and you’re going to often get a wide range of personalities.

bachelorette_party lingerie invitation custom

Although bringing a motley crew of women like this together for a fun evening can be challenging, I think you’ve come to the right place for the party invites. Wedding Paper Divas has a great selection of fun, yet tasteful options, as you can see above.

cheers bachelorette party invites

Lingerie Party, Wine Bar, and Other Theme Ideas for Bachelorette Party Invitations

– One thing to consider before choosing invitations is whether you’re going to have a theme for the party itself. I read a good article recently suggesting some party ideas, so definitely check it out if you are thinking about going with a theme.

Try to find invites that compliment your invitations, but the general motifs of the popular ones involve some combination of retro, drinking, (martinis or cosmopolitans) lingerie, (lace) stiletto shoes or heels, or a spa / pampering theme.

inexpensive_bachelor party invites itinerary

The Best Custom Bachelor Party Invites Online are At Wedding Paper Divas; Use a Coupon for Up to a 30% Discount

They also allow you to customize the font and typography of these designs, so the invites look like they were custom designed by a professional. (That’s expensive!)

wedding paper divas bachelorette invite wedding ring

Thanks for visiting customprintingdeals.com, where we find the best inexpensive custom printing online for your all of your wedding needs. We also encourage you to use one of our featured coupons for a great discount.

Also check out these related coupons for wedding printing:

best inexpensive engagement party invitations online

34 Best Engagement Party Invitations: Personalized & Inexpensive

engagement party diamond ringBeautiful Inexpensive Engagement Party Invitations – Throwing a party for a couple’s engagement is a great way to celebrate their love. It’s also likely the first time the engaged couple’s friends and family will all come together before the wedding. That’s one reason why invites for the engagement party should make a great impression.

Here are some of our favorite, professionally designed personalized engagement party invitations from the best printing services online:

Wedding Paper Divas: The Best Inexpensive Engagement Party Invitations

engagement party invitations champagne cork

I’m not alone in thinking that Wedding Paper Divas is the best place online to get personalized printing for your wedding. This includes gorgeous printed invites for the engagement party.

Their quality and stylish & professional designs are simply unrivaled. While their prices aren’t cheap, their professional-quality invites are surprisingly inexpensive when you use a coupon.

Here are some of the engagement party best designs from Wedding Paper Divas:

personalized_engagement party invitations photo

View all engagement party invitations at WeddingPaperDivas.com

Shutterfly: Nice Inexpensive Personalized Engagement Party Invitations

shutterfly logo

Shutterfly has been the top name online for printing photos and photo gifts, but you should also consider them at the top of your list for custom invitations for any event. They have a nice selection of invitations for engagement parties including invitations with or without photos, and their prices are generally less expensive that Wedding Paper Divas.

They always have more than one coupon available, including seasonal free shipping with no minimum.

future mr mrs engagement party invitations photo

Here are some of their best, easy to personalize engagement party invitations:

View all engagement party invitations at shutterfly.com

Mixbook: Nice Discount Engagement Party Invitations

While Mixbook gained popularity for photo books, they actually have a nice selection of invitations as well. They also have generous coupons and free shipping on $75+ orders which brings the price down in line with some of their cheaper-looking competition.


Vistaprint: Cheap Personalized Engagement Party Invitations

logo vistaprint red

If paying a dollar or more per invitation isn’t in your budget, you can also consider the cheaper options at Vistaprint.

They have a number of engagement party invitation designs that are easy to customize, and are very inexpensive when you use a coupon. If you’re a new customer, look for their free shipping promotion when you spend over $49.

vistaprint inexpensive engagment party invites

ring inexpensive engagment party invitations

vistaprint custom engagment party invitations floral


Walgreens Photo: Cheap Customized Invitations for an Engagement Party

walgreens photo engagement card

You might be comfortable getting your digital prints at your local Walgreens, and they also have a limited selection of custom engagement party invitations with one or more photo. Personally, I don’t think these invitations are in the same league as our top picks, but you might find a great coupon to make it worthwhile.


vintage engagement ring illustration

Engagement Party Invitations: Design and Theme Ideas

An engagement party celebrates the commitment between two people who are in love, and it kicks off all of the events and planning of the wedding. While you may just want to go with simple invitations that invite guests and give party details, here are some common themes to consider for invitation designs:

  • personalized engagement party invitations champagne toastChampagne / Champagne Toast – The engagement party guest list consists of the engaged couple’s closest family and friends. At the party, they get together to congratulate the honored couple, but there is still a lot to do before they are bride and groom. The champagne toast is traditionally a focal event at the actual party, so why not include it on the design of the invitations? Even just bubbles in the design can allude to the champagne toast
  • The Future Mr. & Mrs – Another way of saying that a couple is engaged is that they are, “the future Mr. and Mrs. (last name).” You’ll find a number of invites that announce the engagement in this way
  • Tying the Knot Designs – A metaphor for the commitment of marriage, some invitations will use a knot, or “tying the knot” as the theme of the card design. THere are some good engagement party design ideas on Pinterest.
  • Engagement Ring Engagement Party Invitation Designs – What better symbolism for a “forever”commitment than a diamond ring, right? Actually, you can thank the folks at De Beers for “creating” that tradition, but that’s another story. There are more than a few invites with engagement rings in, or as the center of the design
  • two less fish in the sea invitations“Finally” Invitation Designs – Are you celebrating the engagement of a couple that everyone has been waiting for to get married? Maybe they are just a perfect couple or, like my brother, waited an extra year or five to pop the question. If so, “finally” might be an appropriate theme for a design
  • Humorous / Fun Invitation Ideas – Look for engagement party invitation designs that say something like, “wifey & hubs” “it was a yes!”, “two less fish in the sea,” or, “the hunt is over.” Even if your engagement party and wedding are classy and expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t include some humor
  • Vintage Design – We like to think of marriages and weddings as timeless. Vintage designs and fonts are very popular just like Colonial houses; because their style has survived the test of time. Consider using an Instagram filter on a favorite photo for a cool vintage look. Where can you print Instagram photos?
  • Modern / Clean Design – No bells or whistles, just simplicity. Simple designs are often the most effective in conveying emotion and information. After the wedding your life will most likely become more and more complicated, so why not choose simplicity while you can?
engagement party invites champagne bottle

Engaged! – Wedding Paper Divas

bold and bubbly square_engagement party invitations

Mr. & Mrs. – Wedding Paper Divas

yes inexpensive engagement party invitations

Yes – simple engagement party invitations from Shutterfly

she said yes engagement invitation

Another beautiful engagement invitation from WeddingPaperDivas.com

engagement beach _proposal idea

best personalized wedding anniversary invitations online

32 Best Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations: Personalized & Inexpensive

anniversary couple vintageThe Nicest custom Anniversary Party Invitations Online – Wedding anniversaries are important milestones in a marriage. An anniversary party celebrates the couple’s love and commitment, and brings together special people from all phases of the couple’s lives.

Whether it’s a party for a 5th or a 50th anniversary, it’s important that the invitations are beautiful and special; just like the couple you are honoring. (Unless the wedded couple is obnoxious, then maybe just send out a free e-vite?)

Wedding Paper Divas: Inexpensive Anniversary Invitations

logo wedding paper divasIn my opinion, Wedding Paper Divas prints the most beautiful anniversary party invitations out there. Whether you want to include photo(s) in your cards, or just beautiful typography, they have a number of stylish and beautiful anniversary party invitations.

Also note their trim options, as well as the folding invitations which can tell a whole story of the celebrated couple with multiple photos.

inexpensive anniversary invites vintage photo

Wedding Paper Divas 5 star rating

folding anniversary party invite with photos

Folding anniversary party invitations with photos

View all Anniversary party invitations at weddingpaperdivas.com


Tiny Prints: Inexpensive Wedding Anniversary Party Invites – 50th Anniversary

logo tiny printsTiny Prints, the sister-site of Wedding Paper Divas, also has a good selection of beautiful, professional-looking custom invitations for anniversary parties. THere are a number of vintage designs, as well as two-photo “then and now” designs:

wedding anniversary party invitations one photo

Tiny Prints 4 star review

View all wedding anniversary invitations at tinyprints.com

Shutterfly: More of the Best Personalized Invitations for a 50th or Other Anniversary Party

shutterfly logoYou probably are familiar with Shutterfly, and may use them for prints & photo books, but they also have some of the nicest anniversary invitations around. They offer a simple online design tool, and pretty much everything printed from Shutterfly looks professional.

personalized anniversary party_invitations black white photo

View all anniversary party invitations at shutterfly.com

Snapfish: Buy Inexpensive Personalized Wedding Anniversary Invitations

I don’t think that the designs from Snapfish offer the extraordinary style and beauty as Wedding Paper Divas and Tiny Prints, but they are a cheaper, high-quality alternative. Add photos and consider options like rounded corners, alternate color schemes, and heavy card stock.

snapfish personalized 50th anniversary party cards

Snapfish3 star rating


The Best Personalized Discount Anniversary Party Invites Online: 10th, 25th, 50th, Milestone or Then & Now

So, what constitutes being one of the best places online to buy personalized anniversary invitations? Really it’s just a combination of an inexpensive price with great design options and quality. You also can get personalized anniversary invites a number of places online, and even handmade invitations on sites like Etsy.

However, for most of us who are looking to spend about a dollar per invitation for professional-looking anniversary party invitations, I think there are some great options above

50th Wedding Anniversary, or First? Select the Right Invitations for Each Milestone

anniversary waltz invitation“We just discovered each other
Tonight when the lights were low
One dance led up to another
And now I can’t let you go

So tell me I may always dance
The ‘Anniversary Waltz’ with you
Tell me this is real romance
An anniversary dream come true

Let this be the answer
To our future years
Through millions of smiles
And a few little tears
May I always listen to
The Anniversary Waltz with you…”
The Anniversary Waltz – Vera Lynn

Invitations for milestone anniversary parties: Ok, maybe nobody throws you a party after your first year of marriage. Unless you’re a Kardashian, people assume you’re going to make it through the first year, which is no special achievement.

However, for true milestone anniversaries, choose an invitation design that reflects the uniqueness of the distinguished wedded couple that it celebrates.

Use a Coupon for Your Anniversary Invitations: Get Up to a 50% Discount

customized anniversary party invitations 2 photosOne of the main reasons we’ve selected these popular printing services as being “the best” is due to their pricing. The retail price isn’t cheap, but when you use a coupon, you can get up to an extra 50% discount and free shipping!


custom bar mitzvah invitations inexpensive

26 Best Inexpensive Bat & Bar Mitzvah Invitations: Design Ideas & Coupons

bar mitzvah partyThe best inexpensive bar or bat mitzvah photo invitations – With 101 other things to worry about when planning a bar or bat mitzvah, (oy vey!) don’t take your chances on the invitations. Send stylish, inexpensive Bar & Bat Mitzvah invites from the top custom printing companies: Tiny Prints and Shutterfly.

So, which is best? They both print beautiful invites, and there are matching address labels, postage, and thank you cards available as well. Check out some of their custom Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah invitations and get up to a 40% discount with our exclusive coupons:

Tiny Prints: Stylish, Inexpensive Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations

folding_bar mitzvah invitations with photos

logo tiny printsMy vote for the most beautiful, stylish Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations definitely goes to Tiny Prints. Just holding an invite in your hand you feel the quality of the paper, and see the vibrant colors and sharpness of the text and photos. Easily customize your event details, and choose any matching printed items like address labels that you might need. Don’t forget to use a coupon for up to a 30% discount!

Tiny Prints 5 star rating

View all Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations at tinyprints.com

Shutterfly: Inexpensive Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Invitations

bat mitzvah invitations design

shutterfly logoShutterfly is the less expensive of our two highly recommended printing services, and best if you want to include a photo on your invitations. Options include rounded corners and mailing services; just upload your address list. Here are some of our favorite Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitation designs:

Shutterfly 4 star review

View all Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations at shutterfly.com

The Best Inexpensive Bar Mitzvah Invitations: A Combination of High Quality, Style, and Low Price

You can find a number of printing services online that offer cheap invitations for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but we recommend the ones above. On both Shutterfly.com and TinyPrints.com, you’ll find honest customer reviews for each invitation design. These reviews help you to decide which custom printed invites are best for you.

Consider Adding Matching Address Labels, Response Cards, & Thank You Cards to Your Mitzvah Invites

matching bar mitzvah response cardsFor a feel of consistency, consider adding matching printed items like address labels and gift tags to your order. With both Shutterfly and TIny Prints you’ll also have the option to let them handle the mailing for you, as they can stamp and send your invitations for you. This can also get your Mitzvah invitations into your guests hands much sooner, and it should save you a trip to the post office as well.

So, Which One of These Printing Services Is the Best for Bat & Bar Mitzvah Invitations?

As I mentioned, I don’t think you can beat the style and quality of Tiny Prints. They have a number of amazing professional designers on staff, and these professional designs can be easily customized online with your event details. Many invitations are available in multiple color schemes, further ensuring that you end up with the best Mitzvah invitations possible.

So, Why Isn’t Shutterfly the Best for Bar Mitzvah  Bat Mitzvah Invitations?

Check all of the design ideas above, but unless price is your biggest deciding factor, I don’ think you can beat Tiny Prints. To Shutterfly’s credit, they do a great job with everything they print, and give you more options if you’re looking for invitations with a photo or multiple photos.

More About the Bar Mitzvah

bar mitzvah_torah

In the Bible, a man reached maturity at age 20, when he was ready for war and taxation. In Talmadic times, this age was only 13, and on the boy’s birthday the father gave a blessing; thanking God that he was relived of responsibility for his son’s conduct. (ha!) Although this is where the tradition of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony originated, a parent is never relived of their responsibility, and you’ll probably be paying of the Bat or Bar Mitzvah until you’re a grandparent.


best twins custom photo birthday invitations

Twins Birthday Party Invitations: 18 Sweet Discount Photo Invites

twins bday invitations18 of the best personalized photo birthday party invitations for twins – As you know, having twins means that most personalized invitations aren’t going to work for you. Usually they assume one birthday boy or girl, so even if you have a great picture of your twins, customizing them might not work, because you need spots for TWO names!

Well, we found some of the best birthday party invitations just for twins TinyPrints.com, from Shutterfly, and Vistaprint.com deals. We also have links to the latest coupons for these discount printing services so that you get the best deal, and even free shipping. Check them out! (click to view larger, and to get a coupon)

Personalized discount birthday party invitations for Twins

twin girls birthdayDid you know that having twins is becoming more common, and is up over 60% in the last 20 years? You actually have about a 3% chance of twins, although your family history and even ethnicity play a part in the odds.

While we can’t help you out with putting those two through college at the same time, (yikes!) hopefully one of these personalized photo invitations will work for your next birthday party. Remember to use a promotional code or coupon for any of these designs, as we always have some kind of discount or free shipping offer available. We also have coupons towards custom printed invites from printing companies like Overnight Prints as well.

You’re also probably going to need party favors, so check out these coupons for Birthday Express!