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Tiny Prints Holiday Cards Promo Code: Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah

logo tiny printsCoupons for Holiday Cards at Tiny Prints – Still thinking of holiday cards as a floppy 4×6″ glossy photo of a family in Christmas sweaters with Santa? (yikes!) If you strive for something amazing, then check out the stylish and hip designs at TinyPrints.com. Whether you send out cards for Christmas, Hanukkah, or the New Year, we have stylish cards and coupons for you!

coupons for holiday cards from tiny prints

Personalizing Christmas & Holiday Cards at Tiny Prints

Making holiday cards is a snap at tinyprints.com, and I guarantee that you’ll think they are the most stylish and well-designed cards online. Although not the cheapest cards online, They are actually quite inexpensive when you use a featured coupon. It’s always interesting to read customer reviews when available, (noted on each design) as people who have ordered before you might have tips or feedback that is useful. Having said that, there are just a few things to consider when you are creating your card.

Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year cards?

The first thing you’ll want to consider is whether you want a card that gives a religious message, or an all-inclusive message that doesn’t leave anyone feeling excluded. The nice thing is that not only can you search based on that criteria, but now Tiny Prints lets you choose the greeting for most designs for either “Christmas, Holiday, or New Year.” Click below to easily browse cards to be more specific:

Number of photos on your holiday card: 1 photo, 3 photos?

Choose your pictures before deciding on a design. It isn’t until we start going through potential photos for our card that we decide whether to do a series of photos, or maybe one family photo. Getting that one great family photo usually requires a professional photographer, or a family member with a great camera and a lot of patience.

*If you like to tell a story with your holiday cards, consider their tri-fold cards:

tri fold holiday cards tiny prints

Going with a card that includes 3 or more pictures might include a related series of pics from a vacation or photo shoot. You might want to consider choosing a 4-photo design with one photo from each season. My wife organizes our photos on Shutterfly based on month, so this is always an option.

Choose the right format: vertical, horizontal or square

So, you have those photos, but now you’ll need to find the best layout to make them look good. At this point you’re going to have to channel your inner-Picasso to see what looks good. Personally, I stay away from square cards, because square envelopes cost more to mail! (it would also be square not to use a coupon with your order!)

holiday card orientation tiny prints

Based on your photo, you’ll probably realize that it’s obvious whether you need a vertical or horizontal card. Families photos, especially with 4 or more people might find it hard to fit into a vertical design. My wife and I decided to have the kids pose in two rows so that the vertical layout would work, but that’s just our personal preference. Some designs may include premium features like foil stamping or laser-cut.

Choose a trim for your holiday cards, but it might cost more

card trim options tiny prints

Tiny Prints trim options

The trim is one of those things that is purely based on your photo. We almost always go with rounded corners, as I just love how simple and classy it looks. If your have non-essential features, like a wall behind the kids, you can also choose one of the scalloped trims, but don’t cut little Timmy out of the shot!

Also note that everything except the square corners is going to cost you more. At upwards of a quarter extra per card (before coupon) that can be a significant upgrade. (still haven’t found a promo code for free trim upgrade)

Most card designs will give you the following trim options:

holiday card trim tiny prints

Holiday Card Paper options

By this point you hopefully are pretty psyched about how your holiday card is looking. Unless you are getting custom envelopes, your paper choice might be your last major decision. I like the default signature matte, as I think it looks vintage and I don’t like glossy cards.

If you say “matte” but your husband loves glossy, compromise with Signature Semi-Gloss to keep the marriage together!  Also, for a luminescent look, they recommend the “Pearl White Shimmer Paper” for about a dime per card extra.

Do you want matching labels or stamps with that?

matching holiday stamps tiny printsI gave up hand-writing each of the 80-100 addresses for our holiday cards, and now get matching labels with our card design. You’ll see your options under “matching items,” and it looks really sharp when the address labels and postage match the card design; often matching the back of the card. *Note: personalized postage stamps can’t be used outside of the U.S. and coupons don’t work towards postage.

matching holiday labels tiny prints

Use a coupon or promo code before placing your holiday cards order

The only thing worse than sending out a holiday card that has spelling errors might be paying full price! Every week we update our coupons for Tiny Prints, which can give you a discount of up to 30% on all of your personalized Christmas, Hanukkah (Channukah?) and New Year’s cards and printing. Although at first the prices at TinyPrints.com seem expensive compared to other options like Walgreens Photo or Vistaprint Christmas cards, using a promotional code gets you a significant discount. Plus, these often hang around for years, so why not make them spectacular!

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