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Tiny Prints Coupon: 20-30% Off Graduation Announcements & Invites

logo tiny printsTiny Prints Graduation Announcements & Invitations: 20-30% Off w/ Code: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Roman Philosopher Seneca the Younger (and repeated by the band, Semisonic, 2000 years later!)

Well, it’s that time of year again. Millions of kids make a great leap forward and graduate, moving on to the next phase of their lives. Let friends and family know that your child is part of the prestigious 93% who do make the cut by sending out these custom-printed quality graduation announcements and invitations from Tiny Prints. Use a coupon for up to a 30% discount & free shipping:

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Nice, personalized graduation announcements: a better investment than college itself?

Every year over 3 million kids graduate from high school, and go off to college. Some of them may be lucky enough to attend prestigious schools like Columbia or Dartmouth, whose tuition will set you back about $60k a year. (Ah hem… sorry, I just choked on something)

Anyway, another 1.6 million or so students will graduate college and flood the job market. (Maybe getting cutting-edge, six-figure jobs with those coveted & valuable degrees in majors like Drama or Psychology?)

Well, no matter where your high school senior plans to go to school next year, or what you spent on college, it’s a milestone that you and your kids should be proud of. So, why not let friends and family know with stylish, personalized announcements? Or, better yet, send out impressive, professional-quality invitations to your graduation party.

customized graduation invitation tiny prints

Look at me… I’m still optimistic!

Using a coupon: always a good investment!

Higher education may be a questionable investment for most of us, but saving money is always a no-brainer. Use a coupon for Tiny Prints to get free shipping, or up to a 30% discount on your entire order of invites and announcements; for graduation or any event! You can also find cheaper printing and coupons for invitations from Vistaprint here!

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Look, real college kids… they’re so unpredictable!

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