Trade Show Giveaways: 5 Ideas to Move Beyond the Pen

We’ve all gotten a million pens from a trade show. We use them, but do we look at the brand? Probably not. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but consider these 5 trade show giveaways instead if you want to be memorable!

Recent studies show that nearly 80% of those who attend trade shows say that the booths and brands they visit while there directly inform their buying choices.

If you’re representing your company at an upcoming trade show, you need to know how to ensure that your brand sticks in the minds of every attendee who approaches your booth.

One of the best ways to do that? By offering unique trade show giveaways! Read on to learn five of the best ways to build your brand, connect with your target market, and close deals at your next trade show!

1. Branded Key Rings

Think about how many times a day you reach for your car keys. Wouldn’t it be great if your market was reminded of your brand every time they started their car or unlocked their front door?

Trade show swag experts like Master Cast can create key rings with your company’s name, logo, and even contact information clearly printed on it! You’ll always be within reach of your clients.

2. Lip Balm

The most effective trade show giveaways are items that your market will use frequently. Enter branded lip balm, which works especially well for female-oriented brands.

If you’re a cosmetics company, you can also offer a sample of your latest product to get your customers hooked. This strategy would also work well for outdoors-oriented brands, whose customers will likely need to take care of their lips after a long day of camping or skiing down mountains!

Plus, lip balm is an incredibly affordable giveaway option.

3. Durable Water Bottles

Looking for a giveaway option that will keep your brand in the minds of your customers long after the trade show ends? 

Enter re-usable water bottles, this generation’s version of the ever-popular tote bag. In a world increasingly focused on health and wellness, encouraging your market to stay hydrated is an easy win. You might even include a friendly reminder to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

After all, that’s 8-10 opportunities for your market to see your logo and remember your company!

4. Breath Mints

These are swag/giveaway items that attendees often need, but forget to buy for themselves.

Especially at a trade show, when attendees are constantly meeting new people and attempting to make connections, branded breath mints are sure to be a popular item.

Plus, offering one to someone is a great way to start a conversation about everything your company has to offer.

5. USB Chargers

If you cater to today’s tech-obsessed world, you prove to customers that you’re always anticipating their needs.

Even better? 

It’s highly likely that attendees will actually use your branded USB chargers during the trade show itself, helping you to further the buzz around your company! *Vistaprint has USB chargers & drives for only $18 each, and an extra 25% off when you use a coupon!

Take Your Trade Show Giveaways to the Next Level

trade show marketing giveaways2

Thanks to the 5 epic trade show giveaways listed here, you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression on consumers and broaden your current market.

Looking for more ways to kick your printed and promotional materials up a notch? Want more tips on how to blow your competition out of the water — and take their customers with you?

Keep checking back with our blog to ensure that your brand — or any occasion you’re celebrating — is impossible to forget!

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