Unboxing Success: Shipping With Custom Printed Packaging

There’s nothing quite like receiving a package.

You take one look at the gorgeous box and know instantly that you’re going to love seeing what’s inside.

This kind of excitement is exactly why custom printed packaging is so important for any business. Without that branding, you lose out on a great advertisement.

People also love to share these “unboxing” experiences on social media sites. This only broadens the reach of your brand.

But what kinds of things should you include in such a package? How do you give your customers the best experience?

Continue reading to find out!

Get Creative

custom packaging print

It’s all about having fun and looking good while doing it. If you have fun designing your packages, then your customers will have fun opening them.

Go bold with the colors. Make the box look like one of your products to hint at what’s inside. Try out different colors of tape instead of just the clear stuff.

You could choose to involve your entire staff. Or, you could get a hold of custom printed a packaging designer to ask for their professional help.

The possibilities are endless. Always remember: the more unique and brand-specific you can get, the better.

Presentation Matters

You can’t just think about the outward appearance of the box. You should make the inside look just as good.

Find a layout that shows off all of your included products in the best way. You could add some things to liven it up.

Maybe include some crinkled colored paper to make it feel like a party when your customers open up the box. Or, you could cover up your products with some tissue paper to make it feel more like a present that they get to open.

Give Out Some Freebies

Everyone loves free things. Including a couple of extra goodies for your customers will not only excite them. It will also make them feel cared for and appreciated.

Some great ideas to include would be little candies or trial versions of your products. Free samples are always nice. Plus, they can get your customers hooked on a product they might not have otherwise tried.

Personal Touches

Include with the package something that gives the custom printed packaging a bit of extra flair. Something that makes it feel more like a present from a friend, rather than from a faceless company.

Adding in some extra things like thank you notes or your customized business card could be just the thing to make your package really feel special.

Custom Printed Packaging Helps Your Product Shine

It is vital that businesses don’t forget about printed advertising.

These kinds of packages are one of the best ways to give your customers a great experience while still promoting your product. Plus, they can be a lot of fun to put together for you and your staff. It’s like getting to send a little present to your customers.

Have you created or received a package like this before? Let us know about it in a comment below!

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