US Weekly Magazine Subscription: 80% Discount Coupon

us weekly magazine logoUS Weekly Magazine first was published in 1977, and since has become a guilty pleasure for thousands of us who crave an escape from reality into the world of celebrity gossip and culture.

US Weekly Magazine Coupon – 80% Subscription Discount

Every discount issue of US magazine boosts our own ego a little bit by showing us celebrity fashion mistakes (fashion police) as well as reminding us that stars are, “just like us.” These less than Pulitzer Prize winning (but fun!) photos may feature celebrities who just bought a gallon of milk, or who are out for a bike ride with their kids.

US Weekly keeps you up to date with all the juicy happenings in Hollywood, as well as including insightful editorials, and is even better at a discount price. You can get a half year subscription, which includes 26 issues, or 52 issues for a full year. Currently the discount subscription rate for US Weekly is an amazing 80% off, but be sure to check out all coupons for for an extra discount when available

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