Vistaprint Holiday Christmas Cards Sale: 50% Off + Free Shipping

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50% Off Holiday / Christmas Cards + Free Shipping: If you’re looking for affordable Christmas or Holiday cards, then you should definitely consider the sale going on right now at Just provide a good photo (or group of photos), and then choose between their many custom design templates and text.  Your holiday cards may still scare friends and family, but at least they will be affordable, and high quality!

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available without photos

Where can I get the best cheap holiday cards? I have to hand it to Vistaprint; they have really upgraded their holiday cards this year. They’re one of a number of custom printing companies that have stepped up their selection of quality design templates for holiday cards as competition has heated up.

Although they can’t help you with the proposed assault-weapons ban in your state, (or the rash that you’ve contracted from one of your exotic pet birds) they can help you find the cheapest prices on custom, full-color Christmas cards.

The nice thing is that you can order as few as 10 cards, shipped for about $7.

Actually, I hope you’re sending out more than 10 Christmas cards. (If not, maybe your aggressive pet birds, and radical political views are pushing people away?)

Discount custom photo Christmas cards

Although you can choose between a number of photo card templates, they also have custom non-photo cards, which are good for small businesses, and can be sent out again another year.

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the free delivery, remember that is their slowest shipping speed, so you can’t afford to procrastinate. In fact, the quote I just got estimated the cards would take two weeks to arrive! There are always at least a dozen or so promotions running at once, so be sure to check them out, especially if you are thinking about getting discount business cards, postcards, or marketing materials printed.

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