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Walgreens Passport Photos Coupon: $2 Off In-Store

$2 Off Coupon for Passport Photos at Walgreenswalgreens photo logoNeed passport photos quick? You probably have a Walgreens Photo nearby, and if so, you can have your passport photos ready in just minutes. Before you go, be sure to get a $2 discount on passport photos by using the coupon code on below:

I want my $2! Better off dead.

Using a $2 off coupon code for a passport photo In Store at Walgreens

walgreens photo passport couponMaybe don’t be as militant as the paper boy from Better Off Dead when demanding your $2 off, but make sure you mention the coupon code when getting a passport photo at Walgreens.

Although most coupon codes for Walgreens are for online use only, the ones for passports are for in-store only. As you can imagine, it would be shady to get a passport completely online, so one of the first steps is that you should get passport photos in person at your local Walgreens.

How Much Does a Walgreens Passport Photo Cost?

Passport photos come as a set of 2, and they cost $12.99 per set. Use the coupon above, and drop the price by a cool $2!

*The size of each passport photo is 2×2 inches. Wow, those are some really tiny prints!

So, why do tiny photos cost so much more than larger 5×7 prints? Well, whenever you involve the government, money gets wasted fast! (Don’t even ask how much you paid to bail out the big banks in 2008!)

Hey Walgreens, I want my $2!

passport photo man

sir, please don’t get on a plane

So, how does using a coupon code work in-store? Just write down the promo code or enter it in your phone, and ask the Walgreens Photo specialist to enter it when ringing you up for your order. You can even double-check that the store accepts the code before finalizing your order, as it would be worth the extra few seconds to ensure that you get your $ off.

Walgreens Passport Photo Coupon for Travel, Students, & Honeymooners

Before my wife and I planned our honeymoon, we made the rookie mistake to travel into the city to a photo place to get our passport photos. I really had no idea you could get them at your local Walgreens Photo Center.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Passport Photos?

The best part is that the passport photos should be ready in just a couple of minutes. If the wait is more than that, hey, you’re in Walgreens! Better than waiting in a plastic chair at a photo place or post office with the ambiance of your average DMV. Take a walk around, or pick up your digital prints, buy some lubricant, and greeting cards!

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