Wedding Invitation Wording: 3 Mistakes NOT to Include on Your Invites

Wedding invitation wording mistakes: What not to include! If you are designing your wedding invitations, you’re probably working hard on getting just the right wording. There are a few things that are not appropriate to include on printed invites, outlined in this short video from Wedding Paper Divas. (get coupons!)

Mistake #1: Avoid Gift Registry Information on Wedding Invitations

wedding gift registry wordingThis is definitely not good save the date etiquette! Your printed invitations should be all about the celebration, not about the gifts! Putting gift registry information on your wedding invitations makes you look too eager to receive gifts, and takes the focus off the exciting event.

Instead, include registry information on your wedding website, with your bridal shower invitations, or even word of mouth through your family when people inquire.

Mistake #2: Leave the Kids at Home? Don’t Mention “Adults Only” on the Invites

crying kidI would have loved to include a message saying, “leave your crying baby at home,” on my wedding invitations, but I knew we had to finesse that a bit.

Don’t include any wording about leaving the kids at home, as it might sound rude. Your wedding invitations should be exciting and welcoming, not exclusive.

If you do prefer an adults only event, just be very specific when addressing the invitations only to those invited. If kids are NOT included, just address it to the adults. If they are welcome, you can address it to the whole family.

Mistake #3: Leave Food and Beverages off Wedding Invitations

dry wedding invitation wordingLeave the entree selections to the response cards! If you are having a “dry” reception without alcohol, don’t mention it on the invites. It’s just not appropriate, and will distract from your exciting wedding! Your guests can figure out the alcohol situation when they arrive.

Feeling limited by what you shouldn’t include on your wedding invitations?

That’s ok! The good thing is that there is plenty of room for details or extra information on your wedding website (get a free wedding website here) or enclosure cards.

How To Best Word Your Wedding Invitations

OK, so now you know a few mistakes to leave off your invitations, but how exactly should you word them? That can depend on a few important factors like how casual or formal your wedding is, and who is hosting the wedding.

Here’s a simple tool at to help you with wording:

How to word your wedding invitations

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Choose an Invitation Design Before Finalizing Your Wording

Before finalizing any wording, it’s best to pick out a design for your wedding invitations to make sure it works and fits in the space allotted. There are dozens of gorgeous options for custom printed wedding invites at wedding paper divas (our favorite place online) to consider, and new promo codes every day for up to 30% off and free shipping!

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